The Space Between

Yeah, that's a stupid title. Anyway, you all probably know by now what happened last night. After Toews took the game into his own hands and scored a short handed goal, Carcillo put himself in the right spot and bagged the game winning goal with about a minute left. But, while the streak continues, it finally exacted a price on the team. Sharp left the game looking very much in distress after getting hit along the boards, and as of the afternoon today, I haven't found any real update. On the plus side, Hossa, Shaw and Montador are all supposed to travel with the team, and Frolik may travel to meet them tomorrow on game day. Even if he goes though, I don't expect his current level of awesome defense. Shaw took what looked like a pretty nasty elbow to the head, so hopefully his brain isn't scrambled. Most accounts I read on Hossa suggest his deal was something less serious then concussion like symptoms.

I haven't seen any news about call ups happening, so I'm hoping that's a good thing. While I don't expect to see Bollig back anytime soon, I'm curious as to who is deemed "next" on the call up list. In all honesty, I do not even remotely follow the ice hogs, so I have no idea how well that crew is doing and that was kind of covered elsewhere today. Looking at the schedule this month, most of the teams directly behind the Hawks look to have kinda shitty schedules wherein they will be playing basically every other night. The Hawks have a couple of stretches like that, but comparatively, a better looking month then other teams. As far as the actual teams the Hawks will face, I don't think the name of the team will mean anything. Every team they play will be looking to "measure themselves" against the best team in the league and will bring their best truculent, trap game they can muster. I said the other day I think the Avs take one, and I kinda still think that. Clearly, the Avs badly want to end this streak, as if that will somehow change the fact they are 14th in the conference. If not them, then some other team that doesn't have much to play for this season will likely shut the streak down.

Anyway, that's enough outa me.

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  • Stupid title? Nah.Great song. Bollig got the call-up. After some noodling I see Carcillo/Toews/Hossa and Saad/Bolland/Kane.

  • In reply to Icehogst:

    I like that song too, I just couldn't get it out of my head when I was looking for a title and thought Dave Mathews deserved better LOL. Bollig eh? I can't see why. Aren't Morin and Smith doing okay? At the least, I can't see any risk to bringing one of them up versus Bollig's skill set.

  • In reply to Icehogst:

    Huh, I wonder what kind of magic Saad and Kane might be able to muster?

  • NHLPA approves realignment. I guess we will have to see each other in the Cup from now on. Detrtoit and Columbus headed East!

    How do you guys feel about realignment?

  • In reply to OneTeam:

    To me, One Team, what I will miss is that it is usually good hockey between the Wings and Hawks. No bullshit traps, just bring your best game and play. Fewer and fewer teams in the west are playing that way these days, especially when they want to win. They just choke the game. Now the Hawks will be the only original six team in the west, but, at least everybody plays everybody else at least twice, so I guess that's something. When I was in 8th grade and went to games at the old stadium versus the Red Wings, that was a rivalry, just like it was when the North Stars came to town. I can still remember seeing the stuffed, purple, Dino dinosaurs hanging from the balconies. The players of those teams seemed to really dislike each other. But it's just not the same in terms of a rivalry.

    As for the teams in the new midwest division. Yuck. Now it's the Hawks, Blues, Avs, Stars, Wild, and Preds. Collectively, all those teams except for the Hawks are a -27 in goal differential. With that kind of lack of offense, I can only predict that the entire division will focus on truculence and trapping. How ironic would it be to see the Wings leave and the left wing lock return? If the Hawks learn to deal with such tripe on a regular basis, they could have some pretty inflated seasons. However, after watching the past couple of seasons and their chafing at playing such teams, I tend to think they are going to be kind of miserable. As a fan, I am not excited by this at all. Ha, I might finally start watching more Eastern Conference games!

  • Nope, not a big fan of the realignment. But it is what it is.

    Thanks for the little post Vegas, and I agreed with you heading into this 2 games series, that the Hawks might finally lose one. Now, I think that ship has sailed for the Avs. That was their game, that was their chance, and they couldn't even do it with so many guys out of the lineup for the Hawks by the 3rd.

    I would assume the Hawks are a little more pumped for this game, and "healthier" considering what went down last game.

    Good try on the Avs part to trap them out. Too bad they couldn't play the trap on the power-play. Ha! When the going gets tough, Toews is always gonna get going harder. It will have to come from a better all around team IMO. Plus, Varlamov had an above average game for him. You think he brings that 2 games in a row?

  • I figured Hawk fans would be dancing in the streets over this (potential) realignment. I tend to think the Hawks will have the run of the Midwest and can look forward to winning the division title every year.

    I do think its stupid to leave Chicago out as the only Original Six team.

    Avs finally ended the streak. It had to happen eventually. Ill be interested to see how they respond in the next game.

  • In reply to OneTeam:

    I'll be interested to see how the Avs respond myself. LOL They believe they have accomplished something great. As for the new Midwest, I look at what feasting on weaker teams has done for Vancouver. I believe every team in the new division will be looking to trap the Hawks every single night. Ugh, I don't look forward to that at all.

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