Ha-Ha, Red Wings 5, Ducks 1

nelson 2

Well, since we got a couple of days off, I thought I'd revel in some schadenfreude at the Ducks expense. Just as you'd expect, Selanne scored his usual annoying goal, but from that point on, the Ducks would give up a hattie to known offensive powerhouse Justin Abdelkador, as well as a PP goal to Datsyuk, and for good measure, a goal to Franzen which was almost Abdelkador's fourth of the night. Call me crazy, but I'm sensing a bit of a pattern here. Seems like teams get Red Bulled up for the Hawks and feel like they have conquered the world when they win only to come back to reality and find out they are indeed beatable. Ducks will play the Wings again this weekend, and then play the Sharks twice before blowing into Chicago to play the Hawks next Friday. Stick tap to your boys One Team. Looks like they are pulling it together. For now anyway.

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