We can do this all night long.

We can do this all night long.

Here is my best attempt at a short and sweet wrap on last night's game and the energy currently surrounding the Chicago Blackhawks.

I went into this game against the Oilers as a fan ready, and willing to accept a loss. After all, the Oilers are not the Hawks best friend in terms of wins. We know the history here, and everyone is just waiting for Edmonton to hit a spark of production.

When the Oilers scored that shorty in the 1st, at the hand of a lazy Andrew Shaw (never thought I would say that), and an accident involving Keith, my gut feeling wasn't very good.

And then Kane scored a very beautiful goal on the same power-play to even the score. At that moment, all of my expectations for the Hawks first loss evaporated into a calm sense of "they got this" hockey watching.

It was an exciting game to watch (unlike the night before), and the Oilers were not without their great chances, but the Hawks were in control for the majority, right into overtime after playing a rough game just 24 hours prior.

In the interview, Hossa offered, as every Hawk asked to this point about the current success, that rolling all 4 lines, and everybody getting in there to do the job is the biggest reason for it. You ask how Sharp was able to pull off that unbelievable game winning play to set up Hossa who charged through the battle field in front of Khabi to force another 2 points into the win column? Because each player is contributing, no one is being over used, and all 4 lines are rolling smoothly.

This is how on any given night, the heroics can come from anywhere. Whether it be Hossa, Sharp, Toews, Kane, Stalberg, Saad, Shaw, Bolland, Kruger, Frolik, or anyone else for that matter, because let's not forget how dominant this defensive roster has been. And there you have it, another win, against a team who has given the Hawks their fair share of trouble, and 2 days off to think about the Blues (maybe the best competition in the division who happen to be 13 points behind the Hawks).

I want to give it up for Carcillo and his 6 hits on the night. He has shown just how effective he can be, and his presence has helped allow that 4th line to be so strong even without Kruger. But, moving Carcillo onto the 1st line in Saad's place was a huge mistake that I hope never happens again. There is room for changes, but this is not the one.

Here's to Sharp playing at Sharpie level, Kaner's big goal, and to Stalberg's production which I hope can continue to grow.

Another great game from Emery to boot.

This team has something special, and it can't be specified to one single element. That is not to say, they are perfect (they sure weren't last night). But, they are getting better with every game, and that might be the scariest part for other teams in the league.

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  • I thought the Hawks looked really good for most of the game. The oilers are not a good team defensively, but they are loaded with guys who can score and the two goals they did get were on a Keith blowout and a power play. I can live with that. As we saw at times during the dark years with the Hawks, an out the running team can show up, play one great game and hand a loss to a much better team. That this game was close and went to OT is something I don't read too much into.

    As for Carcillo, here's my usual contrarian take. Though Saad has played really well, he's still going to make mistakes. If you want to sit him a bit after two offensive zone penalties in a tight game, do you split up other lines that are really clicking just because Carcillo isn't deemed worthy to be a top six guy? With Saad's play, I really don't want to see Carbomb up top. On the other hand, if he can move up, disturb a little shit and not be stupid. I can live with small doses of it without changing my mind that he's not a top six guy.

  • Funny how we all talk about Carcillo. No question we need his grit but I see him as a work in progress. Keeping the edge but demonstrating the puck skills he has. The man can play .

    Saad is all well and good but there are going to be nights when Q would be nuts not having him on the first line. Opposing players know exactly what the consequence will be for running Toews. I don't think Saad is up to it, maybe he is.

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