The NHL Lockout is Over!

The NHL Lockout is Over!

Apparently, the NHL and the Player's Association reached an agreement this morning. The Lockout is over, and we shall see our precious hockey sooner than later.

More on this here:

New CBA reached

Man, is compromise such a hard thing? I will speak to this more later on in the day.




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  • Why was Coruscant so happy to see the lockout end?

    Kidding aside, my initial thought is, meh. When it comes to the Hawks, I'm truly not excited. I'll watch the games of course, but we are going to come back to all the same conclusions. We tend to rate players here based on a metric of the kind of players we WANT to see. For whatever reason, those big, body slamming players are not the players the Bowmans are interested in acquiring. Coupled with that, Q does not seem to be the best coach to implement a style of game that fits his team. And of course, the top heavy situation remains though perhaps the gap from highest to lowest will narrow this year. Actually, I think it will.

    On the upside, this should start some movement that will be felt down to the ECHL level and I don't expect any of the Las Vegas Wranglers to be going anywhere, which is fine by me. Silver lining.

  • In reply to VegasHawksFan:

    There is a controversy over that picture. Coruscant would not have been happy to see the Empire fall, since most of its civilians were Empire loyalists at the time. It took many years after the destruction of the Death Star for the "rebellion" to win back Coruscant. Yes, I am a nerd who has read 40+ Star Wars books.

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    Well, since I don't quite want to discuss hockey yet, that's an excellent point that is definitely lost on a lot of people. Geeky as the books are, and there are just a handful of writers in that group who write a good book, the story lines do tend to offer some fair persepctives on life. When I was in the service in the late 80's, it was easy to believe the melodrama that everyone who was Russian bought into the crap spewing from the Kremlin. But, the average folk don't give a shit about empire as long as they are doing well and putting food on the table.

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