Hockey News!!!! The Hawks pick up another 3rd pairing D-Man with Rozsival signing.

Hockey News!!!! The Hawks pick up another 3rd pairing D-Man with Rozsival signing.

I am kind of shocked to add to the news spreading today about the Rozsival signing. Who would have thought that something other than the noise between owners and players was happening behind the scenes?

Michal Rozsival was signed by the Hawks to a 1 year deal at a ballpark of 2 mil. An ex Ranger and Yote, who saw a decent amount of ice when he wasn't injured, Michal brings that size and aggressive play that everyone has been crying about. He is also coming from a pretty darn strong defensive team which is promising in itself to say the least. This move seemingly preserves a great deal of defensive options for the Hawks, and fills the blue line beyond capacity.

Someone has to go, and is most likely Hjalmer, which makes this fan sad. I still believe in Hjalmer and think he will be great under a different coaching staff. This move  could also make one to believe that someone else would be leaving the back-end. Is Montador on his way out as well? Or, is someone injured (again, possibly Montador)? Could it be that Leddy is not showing the type of progress hoped by this point in the off-season?

More questions to add to the list of growing ones already around the state of the NHL. In the very least, Bowman added options to the Hawks defensive support. Rozsival is capable of 15 minutes a game and maybe more. He is known to be a strong PK presence and traffic remover, which is of obvious importance to the Hawks. We might see a solid D-Man let go because of what I saw as weak coaching, but that's the way it goes. Camp is going to be interesting, with all of the potentials and such a limited amount of space now. More on this in the coming days.



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  • This a strange signing. Not because of what Roszival brings, but because of what the Hawks already have. For context, I think you need to discuss the pro's and cons of both Leddy and Hammer. Hammer, to me, is a very serviceable player who should be getting more ice time whether he plays second pair or third pair. Q hasn't made him a bad player by any stretch. Which is to say that Hammer plays fine most of the time when he is in. A downside of Hammer though is that I keep thinking about his suspension. He just hasn't been the same player since then.

    The real issue in my eyes is Leddy. He is a Bowman pick and I believe he either plays second pair or he gets traded and that's probably the way it should be. Given how Bowman treats his picks, I don't see Leddy being moved to third pair no matter how loud the mob screams for it to happen. In Oduya, the Hawks have essentially added another Hammer. With the addition of Roszival and Brookbank, I think you have sewed up the the third pair and/or special teams and helped to steer some pucks away from Crawford. In an ideal world, I would like to see Q actually rotate the D guys around and show some creativity in matchups. We know that won't happen though.

    Considering Oduya does a lot of what Hammer does, I tend to think Hammer goes too.

  • Yep, and you bring up a good point Vegas, on pairings, which is kind of a whole other story all together. One that involves serious conversation. The outcome depends heavily on who the Hawks still believe in.
    Are Keith and Seabrook together as the first pair, or do we split them up and even out their time on the ice a bit?
    If so, who compliments them? Brookbank and Rozsival are really strong 3rd pairings, but they also have similarities to their play. They are also both capable of decent minutes. Are they your 3rd pairing, or parts of a 2nd and 3rd? Either way, like you said, they are most definitely on the PK. (Side note: Bowman has dramatically helped the terrible PK with his 2 defensive signings)

    There is still Monty in the mix as well. He was worth more looks IMO, but Q was not looking much like a supporter.

    Leddy is a bit more of a gamble. We have seen moments that show great potential, but are we overstating his value to this team by suggesting him as a 2nd or maybe even 1st pairing? Could a year in Rockford help his overall development, and give the Hawks time to see how he works out? I think he could play well alongside Seabs, but I worry about his production with anyone else.

    Who does Oduya seem to pair best with?

    And then there is Hjalmer. We all know how I feel, and in him I see an option for great stability. As you mentioned Vegas, he compares nicely with Oduya, which leads to see the possibility of them trading spaces on the top 2 lines (balance). Before the suspension, he looked good enough to be our #1 defensemen at times.

    And what about the development of some other prospects? Q has so many options and it makes me worry, because with options comes the need for making decisions and I question his ability to do so.

    IMO, Keith's performance is a giant factor in what I would do. Betting on him finding his groove again after 2 years, I would split him and Seabs up, and balance them with Oduya and Hjalmer. If someone made me make a choice on Leddy today, I would send him down for development and frequent call ups. I have seen too many negatives to his play for anything above 3rd pairing minutes, and we need some grit right now.
    Monty would be a wild card, saved and rotated into the 3rd and top 2 pairings for his chance to prove himself, or incase I was wrong on Hjalmer.
    I would also make sure to get Olsen a lot of looks. But, this means nothing until we see what camp produces, and whether or not we even have a season.

    On that, Toews told the Tribune. "We all know what's going to happen Saturday and everyone's kind of waiting to see if the league will step forward." Love that bit about the league stepping forward.

  • I tend to think Olsen will be seeing a lot of time in Rockford and if the Hawks have any aspirations of seeing him become more then a third line player, I think that's a good idea. What I had thought about in terms of creativity is something you kind of hinted at, IE, can we see guys like Hammer, Rozsival and Brookbank eat up some second line minutes OR simply play a little more to help reduce ice time up the lines. I think we are on the same page, with the kind of depth they now have, can we ask of Q, "PLEASE STOP PLAYING KEITH 30 MINUTES A NIGHT!"

    Adam Clendenning has left college and I'm certain they see him in the mix after this season. I'm assuming Montador is done. I liked what I saw of Olsen here and there, but when you now have the kind of third pair depth that you do, I'm a believer that guys like him need to get ice time which he won't in Chicago. As for Leddy, my thoughts remain the same. I think they moved him up too quick, but now that they gave him an entire season as a second pair guy, I don't think that putting him up against lesser competition is going to help him get better. One thing is certain though, that kid needed to hit the gym hard this summer.

    I'm not against trading Leddy or Hammer for that matter. It seems like SB has put himself in a spot of needing to deal one or the other.

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