Will the 2012-2013 NHL Season start on time?

Will the 2012-2013 NHL Season start on time?

My best guess would be yes, but fear is beginning to set in. Maybe, that fear can replace the utter disgust I have for the whole situation. Is this not a great symbol for our time? The rich arguing with the richer without care to anyone else below them.

For the first time, I have my doubts on whether or not the season will begin when it is supposed to. However, there is more time than some acknowledge. The current collective agreement between the 2 sides is set to expire on September 15th, but they could still reach a deal in the 15 or so days after that date and still have hockey begin on October 11th. Once again, I would like to point out how sick this makes me feel. Not because we would have to wait longer for hockey, but because of the philosophies behind such greed and ignorance in this world. I want to fast forward to the days of Star Trek when we get rid of this stupid idea of money and begin to progress because of passion rather than the size of our wallets.

We should take 75 percent of all of their money and give it back to the cities that support these teams. Give it to the poor, the hungry, the education system, etc, and they would all still make more 20 times what a teacher makes. This country and this world have a deeply dysfunctional view of value which has caused them to lose their values in the process.

With that said, and believe me, there is so much more to say, I am on the NHLPA's side here. They are the underdog after all. It would make me smile a bit to see them call the NHL Owner's bluff, give them the finger and walk away to other places to play the game, but it is unlikely to happen. The NHL's first proposal was ridiculous, so much that I assumed it was made with the expectations of a much different counter offer.

Well, after the most recent negotiations, and counter by the NHLPA, it seems the owners are not happy and not wanting to budge. From what I had read of the NHLPA's counter offer, it seemed pretty brilliant actually. There are so many different levels to approach it on, but what I read was inspiring overall. My favorite part was the language about revenue sharing for the struggling clubs. It is part of the offer that makes the players seem like the more reasonable ones, and makes them the heroes, which they should be since they are the ones we are watching anyway. With that said, they are no angels either, but they are the ones giving their blood for this game.

We could go on and on, and talk specifically about how it all seems so counterproductive to a fast growing sport. Just like what happened last time we were here. Obviously, any delay in the beginning of the season could hurt the game significantly.

Maybe it is time the fans spoke up and said enough. That's what this all about anyway right? The people are without power, while the rich and powerful quarrel about their own silly affairs that hurt everyone below them while simultaneously saying that it is so they can help us. We are the ones that give them the money for their paychecks and maybe we shouldn't anymore. Maybe the fans should boycott these owners and the NHL. The owners have other business interests, such as Rocky and his beverage depot. Stop shopping there today. In fact, why don't you find out the name of the person who owns your neighborhood shop and start giving them your money. You know what, you don't really need that new Blackhawks Jersey, or Hat. Keep the money in your pocket, do it in the name of hockey and feel a sense of pride while doing it. What if no one showed up to by tickets on Monday? That would provide a pretty good message to the owners.

If you are not happy, don't buy their BS.

Viva La Resistance!

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  • HH, thank you for this post. One sentence in your post summed up most of what I feel about the world today,

    "This country and this world have a deeply dysfunctional view of value which has caused them to lose their values in the process."

    This is a hockey blog, and this is a hockey story. Yet, it seems like what is playing out between the owners and the players could not possibly better describe what is playing out everywhere. Admittedly, I'm a political person with strong opinions and it's near impossible for me to look at this situation and not draw the same conclusions I have about our political process in this country. Especially in an election year. Because of that, I've tried to not say too much in order to keep this about hockey and not politics. At this point and time though, it seems like this particular paradigm is popping up everywhere.

    What you suggest at the end is the harsh, but ultimately only logical conclusion. When the Hawks went on a perpetual streak of suck, the fans stopped going. Would that ever happen in a place like Toronto? I say no. Yet, despite not being anywhere close to being a dominant team, the money continues to pour into their coffers and the response of at least one Toronto blogger is that taking from the rich to give to the poor is NOT the answer. How do you argue with that? When a team that sucks but fills the house every night because its fans are addicted says it's more important to the game then a team that busts its ass every night with half the assets available to the larger market team, how do you respond?

    In reality, you really can't. By default of a likely lockout, I will watch a lot more college hockey this year, and will go to a lot more Wranglers games here in Vegas. Will this remotely bother the mega rich teams who dominate the discussion? Nope. I'd like to tack on a statement here that makes me feel good about the moral stand I'm taking, but I don't have one. I want NHL hockey. I want a strong league that thrives on competition. What we have instead in hockey and in the bigger world is a system wherein those who have a lot of money truly believe everyone else would be lost and floundering without them.

    From time to time, a political wind whips through that gives the little people a chance to pile on and dictate terms to the fat cats. In the world outside hockey, we may be getting a little closer to that time. Inside hockey, I don't see it. Fans may be pissed off right now at fat cat owner arrogance, but they will come back because outside of Canada, there really isn't a solid alternative to NHL hockey. Inevitably, there will be another lockout when the terms of whatever gets signed now expire and the story will still be the same. At this point, Canadian fans probably hold a lot more sway then American fans collectively do. Stop filling the barn in Toronto and see what happens. I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

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