The first day of UFA signings reveals nothing too exciting.

The first day of UFA signings reveals nothing too exciting.

The Chicago Blackhawks have signed Sheldon Brookbank to a 2 year deal. The dollar amount has yet to be clearly announced, but it sounds to be in the ballpark of 1.5 - 2 mil a year. Leaving many to have seen exactly what they expected, not much happened in SB's corner, or did it?

The Brookbank signing was safe, and did not cause many waves, but isn't that what we have asked for in the back end? We want stability back there. The thoughts about grabbing Suter seemed highly unlikely, or any other huge named D-man for that matter. Plus, the Hawks are already pretty full of D-men making a pretty penny. This acquisition is safe, but it might have put the Hawks in a much better situation come October, and without much given in return.

Brookbank has played for a few very well positioned and defensive teams. I really don't remember much about him, but I do know that he spent sometime in a leadership role on the Ducks, and posted an impressive +/- given their record last year. He isn't a giant, but he is a stay at home kind of guy, who plays a gritty style of hockey. Scoring goals will not be his strength, but SB might have just found a partner for Leddy.

If, and this is a big if, Leddy sees top 4 minutes, which I am currently against BTW.

With this signing, Hjalmer has lost almost any inch he might have had towards being a Hawk next year. It makes me sad, but it had to be I suppose. If and when this trade happens, SB will have dumped a couple mil off the cap from the back end, with which I assume he looks to spend on a goaltender at some point.

In other news, The Devils are bringing Brodeur back for 2 more years in a deal near the 9 mil range. Oh well, we were all really close to owning Blackhawks jerseys with his name on it. It could have been nice, and the Hawks were most definitely in talks with him.

This means that the main focus for the Hawks might just turn towards a certain goaltender named Jonathan from the LA Kings. Jonathan Bernier has asked for a trade, and he will most likely get it given that he will never see the light of day in Los Angeles behind the other Jonathan. This would be much appreciated over continuing to pursue Luongo, and given the way SB has been in every goaltender talk thus far, we should expect the same with Bernier. One defensive D-man, and one new goalie could lead the Hawks to an improved record and better goals against stats next year. Just a few more wins could put them easily at the top of the Conference. But, will they be groomed for the playoffs?


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  • I like the Brookbank signing, but it just seems a little odd. On first glance, I don't see a real spot where he makes total sense. On the other hand, I think he gives you just a little more depth then another team might expect. Regardless of whether Leddy plays second pair or third pair, it seems self evident that Q MUST spread his ice time out better this year and I think this signing will somehow help with that. I don't believe a Hammer/Oduya pair makes sense for your second pair, but if you really get a solid guy, trade Hammer and put Leddy on third pair with BB and then truly spread out the ice team, I think you have a solid plan. Just to keep up my crazy shit though, I don't think putting Leddy on third pair or sending him back to Rockford is going to improve his game.

    As for the goalie situation, I think you need to trade Crow away if he's not your number one. On a list of important things to fix, finding a new goalie would not be what I work on over the summer. But, if you can't land a big UFA and you don't fire the coach, getting rid of an average but serviceable goalie probably deflates a few angry rants....until the circus trip anyway. CC at his cap hit, I believe, leaves you space to something else in another part of the roster. But, if you aren't going to spend that money, you might as well trade CC and pick up the inevitable higher cap hit it will take to get a better goalie.

  • Well, I'm sticking to my post on the last thread. The 'hawks have some serious bait in the water right now and haven't had to cut it yet. Let's hope it's a good day for FA fishing. If not, then I think they have alternate plans and we'll see some not-so-major signings and a trade or two.

    I'll leave the pairing and line combos until we have a better idea of the roster.

    As for Brookbank, he's a right-hand shooter, which I like, and he's a scrapper too, with modicum of skill. I think it was a good signing. Definitely a five/six guy which leaves one to wonder who will be the odd man out?

  • Who the odd man out will be was what I was thinking when I typed up pairing combo's. I agree with you on BB being a third pair guy. Reading about the alleged amount of ass kissing the Hawks are doing for Parise or Suter, I can't help but think, do we want another Brian Campbell situation where the guy who is your highest paid player is not your true star or "Face of the Franchise" player? No matter what Campbell did while he was here, nothing could surpass the calculus that he simply didn't deserve the money he made. There is no doubt a guy like Parise would bring some really nice stuff, but I'm just not sure he helps where it really counts. In fairness, I guess I felt the same way when I heard they signed Hossa and that has turned out good.

    Happy Fourth of July for those who celebrate it!

  • In reply to VegasHawksFan:

    Going to be insane once these two commit. The frenzy for the next-best available will be something. It will be busier than Sunday is my guess.

    SB and Co., I'm sure, have some contingency plans and likely a trade or two hanging in the balance here. They must, because they've done nothing else for two days now. Surely they're not that cocksure they're going to land these two.

    Parise to me is a Toews replica. Neither really cares about being the "face". Winning is most important.

    In the end, kudos to SB for at least trying…

  • Wow! huh?

    As it stands, the Hawks are 1 of 3 teams at the top of this Parise pile. Not gonna lie, I am shocked that SB is making a run for a play like this. My guess is having Toews and Parise on the same team is making SB foam at the mouth a bit.

    Getting Parise and Suter is a almost an impossible idea, but who knows.

    For sure, once Parise announces his choice, the rest of the dominos will start falling. If he makes a press conference at the UC, then SB has to start moving some money towards other teams.

    If he goes to Pittsburgh or Minnesota, SB starts making moves towards Suter, Doan, etc...

    The money Parise is said to be looking at is somewhere in the ballpark of 100 mil for 10-12 years!

  • Happy Independence Day, guys. Have a good one.

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    Thanks FF, for the first time in several years I'm not working. Looks like Parise and Suter are both headed to the Wild, maybe we will know for sure in an hour or so.

    In other news, the Torres suspension was reduced by four games.

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe fourth and I additionally hope that those affected by the fires in CO and power outage back East start to have some things go their way.

  • In reply to VegasHawksFan:

    Done deal, and I'm happy for both of them and for the Wild. Parise would have been nice but both, I dunno. Clearly they wanted to play together.

    Now we should see some action from the front office, I would think.
    Some good solid two-way grit on D and up front would be a big enough splash for me.

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