Parise and Suter ink contracts in Minnesota. Where will the Blackhawks look next?

Parise and Suter ink contracts in Minnesota. Where will the Blackhawks look next?

Word on the street is that free agents Zach Parise and Ryan Suter have signed in Minnesota for an ungodly amount of money and for an awfully long time. And just like that, the Wild have become feared competitors for next years season, and have one of the highest payrolls in the league.

Given that Stan Bowman has been very busy in all the huge negotiations thus far, it begs the question where he looks next. My guess is that Shane Doan gets a healthy dose of the good old SB charm and that the possibilities of Ryan coming to Chicago have a lot of strength as well.

Since it is all said and done, for the most part, I think it was for the better. No doubt, bringing either of these names to the Hawks would have done wonders, and also lead to a bunch of other moves by SB, leaving the team looking quite different from last year (which is what some of us wanted I suppose). But, I think it would have been too much of a cost in the long run, and that other options seem more kosher to what the Hawks needs are.

This still leaves room to sign a big money goaltender in the near future (maybe not this year, but soon), and I think someone like Shane Doan and Ryan could actually fit more cohesively into the current "system" the Hawks have. Either way, there is still a lot of summer left, and quite a few deals to be made. More on all of it later.


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  • Like I said on the last thread good for both of them and good for the Wild. Great fans should have some great players to watch. I'm happy it didn't play out. There are enough "stars" on the 'hawks, it's the role players they lack. Give me a well-rounded team and not a cavalcade of stars any day of the week.

    As for Doan, I think you can forget about it, HH. He will stay in Phoenix or maybe go back to where it all started in Winnipeg. If anyone else does land him they'll pay a hefty premium I would think.

    SB tried, but the fact was that both Parise and Suter can now be the impact players—at there respective positions—carry a letter, and be the faces of the franchise in Minny. That's something that no other team could offer them. It wasn't about coin that's for sure.

    Detroit and Nashville are not as strong as they were and it will be interesting to see what they do from here. Detroit, I think is not used to getting snubbed …

    Rounding out the team with some gritty, physical role players is good enough for me at this point. I've read that Bobby Ryan is on the radar but I think that requires Kane to happen. Same probably for Nash. If they want to improve the D they should take a run at Boumeester. Not sure what they'll do if they plan on addressing the #2 center position.

  • I am also actually glad that neither signed here. For the amount of money needed to be committed versus what the team likely gained was probably skewed the wrong way. What I had wanted to see from the start is what FF just said, I want to see the acquisition of solid depth. People can disagree on whether replacing Crawford right now is a top need, but I think most can agree no team wins the cup without the ability to get production and some grit from guys on the third and fourth lines.

    One blogger out there today has thrown some red meat to his crowd that maybe Leddy will be a player considered to trade for reasons that have less to do with his skill set then with his agent. Not sure I buy that premise, but I've started to have a similar view of Leddy that I do Crawford. Which is, play him where he is, or trade him. I believe Leddy was moved up way too fast, which is not his fault. However, now that he has been moved there, I don't believe you will make him better by demoting him and taking away ice time.

    As Devil's advocate, I'm not sure the best approach is to be committed to making all your trades before the season starts, especially bigger names. Assuming the season starts on time, waiting a couple months to really see what you have doesn't seem to be the worst strategy in the world to me. With players like Morin looking ready for a round two and with the late season looks given to guys like Bollig AND with the potential for Carcillo to get his head out of his ass, I don't think the Hawks need to move as desperately as other teams do right now. Without a doubt, SB needs to take some risk this year and part with some players to address some needs. But for right now, I'd rather see him go easy then reach and absorb a lot of cap hit just to be doing something.

  • Hello All- I trust everyone had a safe and happy holiday and that you all still have 10 fingers and 10 toes.

    I have been MIA for about a month now- I tell ya, a walking one year old is WAY harder to handle day-to-day than a sleepy immobile new born! Exhausting. Where does the time go?

    I wanted to swing by and see what the chatter was on this mega signing by the Wild. Wow! Perhaps I have been to out of things lately but i DID NOT see this one coming! Looking at the deals they took, I am certainly glad that my team didn’t pick them up. I hate those contracts. I think they are loser deals for any franchise. The only thing those two guys can do now is to merely/POSSIBLY live up to their contract (production-wise) with nothing but downside if they don’t. They have to either totally explode for the Wild every season or it is a complete failure deal as all of their money is tied up in two guys that no longer need to work for a paycheck. I don’t expect much from either next season as the cruise control tends to the next move for guys that just "got their deal". i guess we'll find out.

    That said, looking at the Wild 2012 roster.....It certainly looks competitive. Nic Backstrom, Matt Cullen, Dany Heatly, Mikko Koivu, Devin Setoguchi and now.....Parise and Suter. All I can say is Thank God they are in the Northwest Division because there just isn’t any more room in the Central for another competitive team!

    Well, I am off for a MUCH needed week long vacation to the motherland. The proper Northern Michigan summer vaca requires golf, salmon/northern pike fishing, recreational water sports, getting stung by at least one insect and over serving myself at least 3 of the 6 nights!


  • OT, you're going to have to raise all the shelves in your house in a couple of months, LOL!

    You're bang on about the contracts over the long haul, but you know what, 'hawks and wings were right in there as well.

    What are the Wings going to do now, to plug the holes on D?

  • OT, enjoy your vacation, too.

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