Blackhawk's Andrew Shaw is suspended 3 games for his hit on Mike Smith!

Blackhawk's Andrew Shaw is suspended 3 games for his hit on Mike Smith!

I have lost all confidence and respect for the NHL and the authorities involved in handing out suspensions in this league.

According to Shanahan, Shaw is guilty of charging, not attempting to avoid contact with Smith, and has no priors, but still deserves a 3 GAME! suspension. Come on, this is absolutely an abomination, especially given the lack of suspensions in the past few weeks on players who deserved it. First of all, I do not see this as charging.

Every single time I watch this video, I am more convinced of Smith's blatant diving act. You might claim that I am not being objective, but I call out people for dirty plays when they make them, and I want to see the game get cleaner. Taking dives worthy of an Oscar is not conducive to clean hockey, and the ignorance of the league to comment or take action based on Smith's is very disconcernting. Shaw is not moving that fast, and he cringes inside himself when about to make contact with Smith. Did he avoid him, no, but he did not destroy him either. You can see Smith push off from the hit which exaggerates his spin, while Shaw is barely moved by the impact.

This does not destroy the Hawks momentum, or spell disaster for them either. Shaw was playing some strong hockey, and he will be missed, but the show will go on. This might give Frolik a shot to make a difference, as he is the most likely candidate for Shaw's replacement.

Honestly, my brain is spinning while trying to make sense of it all.

Matt Carkner is suspended for 1 game after punching Boyle when he was down, and when Boyle made no attempts to fight back. Carkner had priors and his actions were down right disgusting, but only serves 1 game. Shaw gets 3 for bumping into a goalie?


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  • I just watched the video again. Smith's head barely moves when the so called "collision" takes place. Then he spins his body in a violent manner and starts acting like acid was poured on his face.

    I have been hit 10 times harder than that in a non-check roller hockey game.

  • Like I was saying on the last thread, it's a two tier system. Three games in the playoffs is like ten regular season. Heck, when Keith got five we could all at least agree he was intending to temporarily fuck Sedin up. I don't read into this that Shanahan is trying to go out of his way to punish the Hawks, but when you compare this to so many other things under his watch that have not been suspended, this one is really a joke.

    This is not an insurmountable loss, but who on the team is going to take over what Shaw was doing? I can't count on this, but it would be really nice to see the Hawks show up pissed off and full of fury overthis. Instead, it will probably be the Yotes who show up and start slamming Hawks all over the place.

  • Friggin' joke is what it is. Bad timing, and with all of the other crap going down in the other series, Shanahan has got to sack up now after the Weber non-call.

    Clearly it's a dive and all this posturing by the 'Yotes is more of the same acting. What was Shaw supposed to do? This league is a joke under Bettman.

    Maybe they should dress someone to take a real good run at Smith.
    Ah, best to take it out on the scoreboard.

  • Amen. Just an unbelievable reaction by shanahan to a diva acting job. I don't know which pisses me off more, the dive or the injustice. Shanahan is an idiot, consider the source, so not him. Smith, let's focus on him tonight. He will play, the charade is over. Let the ugly begin. At the very least light him up like a pin ball machine.

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