Game Day Thread, or shall I say Dooms Day Thread.

Another big game comes our way tonight, although, every game might have that type of weight from here on out.

Was going to post something yesterday with a little more depth, but soon found myself without time and too many "important" things to worry about. The basic subject was going to focus on how marketing has, or has not had an impact on some of the choices we have seen made in the past couple years with regards to coaching and general management. It was a subject brought up in the comments of the last post, and most likely worth examining further.

Then, the focus would turn to pointing fingers. I read an article that asked us to decide between Q or SB as the culprit to our woes. It is something I feel pretty firm on, but also worth some conversation. It also connects to marketing in some very big ways. Even further, I question whether or not SB and Q ever even converse on what the heck is going on with regards to plans and specific players.

Tonight, well, the Hawks have the flue or something flue like anyway. 4 or 5 players, including Stalberg have been identified as being sick. Not a good start.

But, in a very, very late turn of events during practice, the Hawks worked on power-plays almost exclusively. Nice to know, and kind of obvious too. I guess we can expect some PP goals tonight! HA. The Hawks have had some success against the Sharks, but Niemi has also played well against the Hawks. We shall see.

Anyhow, consider this a game thread. I would love to read your takes on the game as it transpires.

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  • Hammer and Montador sent back to Chicago. Olsen called up. Lepisto in. (HH smiles) Gonna be a stretch to think they can pull out a split tonight and tomorrow. Stalberg down to 4th line Frolik on the top line.

    The fun and games never ends for Q. Top line to fourth line for Stalberg, Press box to fourth line to third line to fourth line to first line for Frolik. The man is off his nut.

    With the flu going around, I'm not expecting much unless the Sharks stink up the joint. Could be a long night.

    If they lose both games I think we're going to see SB wheelin' and dealin'.

    I agree, HH, SB, probably doesn't have clue what Q is scheming. But then again, who does? Although the presence of Scott for all those games, where it was apparent he was not the best choice, makes me wonder if SB isn't demanding Scott to be played. You have to wonder if Kitchen, Mayers and Brunette were all Qs ideas too, and Lepisto was SBs. Nothing like being given some rope and hanging yourself with it, Q. In any event, if they do communicate, they need to attend some workshops to brush up on interpersonal skills and management. Team building seminars would be good too!

  • If I did not know that Stalberg was sick, and that it was most likely the reason for such a move, the darkside would have taken over and I would become a Sith determined to see Q gone.

    Given the illness, moving Fro up again to see if he can make something happen might not be a bad idea.

    I am personally excited to see both Lepisto and Olsen in. This could be a great opportunity, though I expect little ice-time for both and only glimpses of the play.

    Speaking of Stals, I just read an article calling for his trade. Yep, trade one of the only successes of the year away. I guess there are people with less hockey smarts than Q out there. Just for the record (for the 100th time), Stalberg has 30+ goals in his future. Maybe not this year, but this is most surely not his peak. Just way too much talent in that guy. He might have been there already if not for the way he was treated during his time as a Hawks up to this point.

    The odds are not in the Hawks favor tonight, although SJ has lost their last 2 and allowed 7 goals in those contests.

  • Wow,
    Crawford and Frolik start and get together to allow an early Sharks lead.
    Surprise. Crow over committed, got caught and allowed a goal on the other side.

  • Hawks caught a huge break on that goalie interference call when the Sharks almost went up 2-0 in the first 5.

  • Power-plays playing a giant role in this one so far.

    Is it just me, or has Toews really not been the same since that game when he was triple shifted and played close to 30 minutes of hockey? I feel like some kind of threshold has been passed in his case, no longer able to carry this team on his back.

  • Sharks win the 1st, Hawks win the 2nd, and Olsen was the victim of a beautiful defensive play. Who will win the 3rd?

    BTW, Kruger, WTF?

  • Watched the game late but here's what I have to say.

    Easy to see how this coach messes with their minds. Frolik works hard takes a double minor and doesn't see ice for a period. Stalberg makes a bonehead pass which results in the 3-2 goal and doesn't see ice for the rest of the game. Sure, with b2b games let's shorten the bench even more. Mistakes happen Q. Let them play through it. Clearly Bickell, Frolik, and Stalberg are on Qs "I'll set an example list". "While we're at it let's break up the line combinations that we worked on in practice yesterday …

    Benching doesn't work Q. Ice time, consistent treatment, and showing a little faith in your players goes a long way.

    Crawford out of position on two goals and the PK sucks big time.

    Some good things to take away from the game but that's not good enough at this point. Mayers was strong and Bickell actually got involved. Olsen was fine and should stick. Lepisto didn't mess up, but, then again, he doesn't need to. Thought the team played hard though and that, I suppose, is a sign that this thing might turn any day now.

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