Chicago Blackhawks beat the Buffalo Sabres 6-2. Pre-post.

Chicago Blackhawks beat the Buffalo Sabres 6-2. Pre-post.

Hello everyone. I had a late night and won't find enough time to put a post up until later in the day, so I thought a little preview might be nice.

The Hawks had a pretty solid win last night. Among some topics to talk about are secondary scoring, why Bolland is so good at rising to the occasion, Captain Toews, the Power-Play, and of course, the youth explosion this team has witnessed in recent weeks.

Can we really say enough about how much the efforts by Shaw, and Hayes has provided the necessary juice to this Hawks team? I think not. Kane better be careful, Shaw is going to pass him up in scoring really soon. And, how about Bolland's scoring trend since the loss of Sharp? As always, there are still things to be pessimistic about with regards to team system and all that jazz, but there is more to be excited about heading into the Allstar break next week.

See you all soon, should have something substantial up by 4, most likely sooner. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game below, the recap will most likely steer away from being a play-by-play kind of a wrap, and will instead be a bigger picture kind of a thing.

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  • It's interesting to go out of town and miss three games. I don't think they are suddenly the dream team, but they look more balanced. Shaw and Hayes have brought a much needed spark, and I believe they have also brought some desperately needed desire to battle and get in front of the net. How long that spark can last is anybody's guess, but it's great to watch right now.

  • In reply to VegasHawksFan:

    Wasn't their best game (of the last 5) last night and the level of competition made it look easier than I think it should have been.
    Not complaining, 2 points is good. They do, indeed, look more like a "team" and so far Sharp has not been missed at all. Secondary scoring is, all of a sudden, there, and that comes with more ice time. Q, I think has found some lines that click. Playing against four competitive lines is a lot more difficult than simply trying to shut down two …

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