A Telling Story in the Shots: Blackhawks 2, Red Wings 3 in OT.

A Telling Story in the Shots: Blackhawks 2, Red Wings 3 in OT.

Here are the shot totals for this game: In the 1st period Detroit had a whopping 21 shots on net, to the Chicago Blackhawks 4. The 2nd period was boring in comparison to the others, with both teams basically evening out. The 3rd showed the Hawks with 16 to the Wings 5, but the Hawks had 11 before the Wings first one. Here is the real shocker; in OT and only within about 3 minutes, the Wings accumulated 9 shots, while the Hawks couldn't even muster 1. Thats right, 0 shots in OT for the Hawks, and this brought the grand total to 43 shots on net for the Wings, and 27 for the Hawks.

Shots are not usually my focus in matters, but I find that in this case it tells the story pretty darn well. And when you see that the Hawks had 4 minutes more of power-play time, it even adds insult to injury.

I can almost hear the pep talk in the locker room before the game. "Okay guys, now remember what we practiced. Lets come out completely flat, without effort or any grit to our games. Lets make them think we are asleep and that this will be an easy win. No worries, I am sure Crawford is good for most of their assault. Then, in the 3rd, when it looks like all hope is gone, we will surprise them with a tremendous effort they won't see coming. With surprise on our side, I am sure we can regain the lead and go home with a come from behind win."

All joking aside, that is really how the game felt.

Here are my points to the game:

  • No offense to Crawford, he looked decent out there today, but I was kind of hoping for Emery. Even amidst the talks of a trade for goaltender Ryan Miller, Crow was alright, but I thought the goals were stoppable. 43 shots is a lot, and he made some strong saves, I know, however Bertuzzi was showing backhand from center ice on that breakaway goal.
  • I was not a fan of the line combos from the get-go either. I like the top line, and again Hossa with Bolland even though they didn't exactly blaze up the ice. I did however find them overweighted. The 3rd line was a great line in the last game and it was torn apart to start the game off. The result, from my perspective was a top heavy situation that could have been avoided simply by having Frolik on the 3rd line as opposed to the 2nd.
  • With that said, I found it equally confusing to drop Stalberg to the 4th line for a bit when he has 4 goals in the past 2 games with Toews and Kaner. Do you think he was punished for screwing up that great opportunity in the first when Kane hit him with a pass which left all alone in front? If thats the case, it worries me a bit. Kane would have been benched months ago.
  • The ice didn't exactly seem all that great, as I saw the puck jumping around on many occasions. Just something I noticed.
  • I am most likely overanalyzing here, but the line situation seemed like a place to point the finger in this one. Seeming off from the start, it just seemed to get worse as they were jumbled all over the place and I lost track of who was playing with whom. And with that said, I do agree that Shaw earned top 2 ice-time with his efforts recently.
  • Frolik will never score goals. I think we have to be happy with that and he might need to come to grips with it as well. He should just settle for accumulating assists like Kaner has. Then, maybe he will settle down and start scoring goals. Who knows.
  • Detroit took control of this game awfully early and with great authority. The Hawks are really lucky for the point. Watching the Hawks chase can get really hard after 20 minutes of it.
  • And still, Howard had to be huge in net on a couple of occasions. Detroit will be deadly in the playoffs with that guy in net.
  • What happened in the 2nd period, I fell asleep? All I remember is some more Hawks chasing, and a few nice save by Crawford. Oh yeah, and Kane holding onto the puck too long when the shot was there.
  • I woke up when Shaw scored his 3rd goal in 6 games as a Hawk, and then fell asleep again during the Hawks power-play.
  • I noticed Bickell for the first time in the game during the 3rd as the line of he, Bolland, and Shaw caused some commotion in the Detroit end, and almost find the equalizer. And in what I saw as the best bit of coaching by Q in the game, he followed with the Toews line reunited with Stalberg who continued the strong push.
  • The 3rd period was a thing of beauty by the Hawks even though they couldn't convert until the remaining seconds of the period. They were finally playing aggressive, and like they wanted to win. That was all until they were awarded a 4 minute power-play.
  • As I said in a comment yesterday, if the game will come down to the power-play, the Hawks will lose almost every time. Not only did they not convert, but it also deflated their huge rush to tie the game.
  • Then, the Wings started man-handling the Hawks, maybe taking a few liberties even, and this carried into OT.
  • Oh yeah, there was that really exciting goal from Hossa after the Hawks pulled their goalie in that last ditch effort thing. It won them a point which I will take, but I still leave with my head hung low.
  • A plus, Toews only had 22 minutes of ice-time! Actually, Q once again rolled all the lines pretty evenly, but the constant juggling had something to do with it.

Sorry, I sort of stayed away from specifics on this one. Like I said, just look at the shot totals as if it completely told the story and you will have your game in a nutshell.
Not much changes in the standings surprisingly, but the Hawks are in real danger of falling down to 5th, or maybe even lower if they can't figure some things out. There is a lot of buzz around trades, which are sure to come. It has me really curious about what SB is willing to do. My best guess would be that Miller dawns a Hawks jersey in the near future. It just looks too easy for SB and the Hawks can afford him. Will we see some big changes on the D? If yes, then it will most likely be at the loss of Hjalmer or Leddy. The Predators are in need of moving either one of their 2 awesome D-men due to contracts coming up after paying Rinne too much, and the pickings might just be too good to look away from.
And I thought we needed a power forward.
I feel that it seems safe to say, if the trade is their, and SB can do it, he just might.


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  • Wowza! That game was like driving down the road, middle of the day, not a car in sight and then BANG! Black(Hawk) ice! Ass end goes flyin out, your eyes grown big, white knuckles gripping for the (Winged) wheel in desperation, over correcting and losing it more and more until all of a sudden.......it straightens out. You wipe the sweat from your brow and say "Wheeeew! That was close!"

    Perhaps the Hawks thought this game started on Central Time because they didnt show up in the beginning but certainly arrived in the last 20 of regulation! What an effort!

    I was happy to see us start with a 2 goal lead for once (in a long time) and admittedly thought THIS was the game we would put up some big numbers. Then the second period came and I caught up on some reading it was so boring (with the exception of a few big saves on both ends of the ice)

    Which brings us to the third period. To say that the Hawks "imposed their will" is almost an understatement! It was the mirror image of the first period except it was the Hawks and it was for the entire period! I knew Howards give away goal was big but it wasnt until I saw the effort from the Hawks in the beginning of the third that it really sunk in. I joked with my Hawk buddy that this was beginning to look like the last two games just without the penalty shot for the Hawks. And then came the whistle....4 minute PP with the Hawks flying already. I mean, I did knock on wood when I said it but that was just as good as a free shot! I think the Hawks play in that period actually helped us late in that PP because they went from gaining the zone without effort to dumping and chasing it in during the final minute or so. (Anyone else notice that or was that a strategy commonly used?) Granted I didnt think the faceoff win on the final goal would be so clean but I had a feeling that the puck was gonna get behind Howard before the horn blew anyways. Obviously, it did.

    Fortunately for my team, we "grabbed a hold of the wheel" in the extra 5 minutes and put this one away. I have to tip my hat to fourfeather on this one as he called the last couple exactly. Kudos!

    Kinda wanted to see a shootout- With all the talent out there, it would have really been something to see!

    Till next time- OT

  • In reply to OneTeam:

    Wow, OneTeam, that first paragraph is quite the description from a Detroit fan's perspective, and helps me see this game from another angle.

    I agree whole heartedly about the central time reference too.

    I think the Hawks were in desperation mode after not converting on the power-play, and even in parts of the PP itself.

    My brother said the Hawks were going to score on that face-off before the puck dropped and it was freaky.

    In the end, now that I am a little more coherent and have a calmer perspective, the Hawks and Wings completely split the points up for grabs in their first meetings which does nothing to sway any team into the top spot of the Central come playoff time. Even Steven for now. We will have to wait for a month to find out who gets the extra push, or St Louis just might blow by us both.

    Congrats on your 14th home win in a row.

  • Toews and Kane were awful in OT, absolutely pathetic. The Wings deserved the extra point based on the play overall.

    Give Crawford credit for the point. Were it not for the flukey goal by Shaw the 'hawks may never have woke up.

    Poorly prepped to play again, more like they were on Pacific time.

    The goodbye look for this team comes as soon as they trail by two goals. Break up the lines, shorten the bench, and resort to individualistic play. They were lucky to tie it.

    If they can play the way they did for the third period, you have to wonder why not more often. Get pucks deep and forecheck. It actually works. No, no, we have to endure, drop pass after drop pass and low percentage passing plays trying to enter the zone.

    Hayes, Brunette and Mayers were once again the best line on the ice tonight for the 'hawks.

    Another test tomorrow.

    BTw, where's all this MIller talk coming from?

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    The Miller talk is from SB's mouth. He said he was looking into it during an interview. Said something like,"when the opportunity comes around to grab a guy like Miller, even if your not completely unhappy with the current goaltending, you look into it."

    I don't know, Im not apposed to it at the moment.

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    Interesting, HH, SB sure runs his mouth about deals and wants and needs. I'm with gitr, goaltending should not be on the 'hawks wish list right now. Better team defense and we're fine there. Allowing 21 shots in a period is a joke. Crawford kept them in the game while they were waiting for their morning coffee to kick in.

  • The Hawks don't need Miller, or anyone else. What they need is someone who can inspire some motivation and special teams execution. What's it going to take to get these guys to skate up to their ability? The energy level in the first was pathetic, and their PP and PK both suck. At the professional level, I don't understand how this can be such a glaring problem all season and yet we see no changes. When the Hawks got the 4 minute PP in the 3rd I was actually disappointed. I knew they had a much better chance to score 5-on-5, and not surprisingly, they didn't prove me wrong. They literally lowered their intensity and relaxed with the man-advantage. Does anyone else wonder what the team discusses while watching the game-videos of these types of scenarios over and over all season?

  • In reply to iplagitr:

    Agree, completely, Gitr, I thought the same thing. They should have declined the four-minute PP. It took the wind out of their sails. I believe that Kitchen is responsible for special teams, and, it makes sense, because they have not been good since he arrived. The second unit is much more effective with Hayes, Bolland and Brunette, Montador and Leddy, because they get pucks to the net. On another note, the D is not producing enough though today they were at least firing away…if only they could hit the net.

    Notice how Detroit shoots from any and everywhere ahttp://www.chicagonow.com/puck-powwow/2012/01/a-telling-story-in-the-shots-blackhawks-2-red-wings-3-in-ot/#submitnd the forwards, all go to the net.

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