What does the play of Toews say about the Chicago Blackhawks?

What does the play of Toews say about the Chicago Blackhawks?

Jonathan Toews was voted the 2nd star of the NHL through November. It comes as no surprise to most Hawk fans across the nation, and I don't want to just add to the already bountiful articles out there celebrating the young captain's, arguably best season of his career. What I want to point out about his stellar play up to this point, is that it just might be the single reason that the Hawks are not below the 11th place marker looking up, instead of looking down at the rest of the conference today.

His points only tell a portion of the story, even though his goal production is good for 5th best in the league. Given that he is usually a late bloomer in that regards, one could only imagine what this year could mean for his career. That fact remains that Q and company should be praising Toews for practically willing the Hawks to victory on a number of occasions doing everything in all areas of the ice that I can think of. Enough occasions that had he not, the Chicago fan-base would be raising their arms in the air asking for a reason why.

But, as mentioned, the Hawks are not at the bottom looking up. They are however, in a lot more trouble than meets the eye.

In what might be a good example of the Hawks need to fix things, or maybe just another change in Q's insistence to make changes, Kaner was moved from the prodigal position of 2nd line center so that he can figure out his recent down-grade in production with that captain who seems to be the glue in a talent ridden squad who just can't keep it together.

The move also finds Kruger in Kane's open spot, Sharp moved to the 2nd line to make room for Kane, and leaves Carbomb out of the top 6 rotation. So, know we are being sold Kruger as a center for a Hossa-Sharp pairing that we have seen before. Like I have said before, I like what Kruger has been doing, but I am feeling a little screwed here. We asked for a 2nd-line center, so they gave us Kane. Things apparently did not work out, so they give us Kruger. Who is next in this circular circus of change without consistent results, and just who is pulling the strings?

So far the only thing not tried by Q and company is the one thing I asked to see before the season started, a line with Bolland and Hossa. If you think I am crazy, just think about it for a second and it will make sense. I would have never guessed that Kruger would make the jump to "2nd" line center before Bolland.

The move is probably more in reaction to Kane's recent play than anything else, and I think highlights the real issue on the ice. Kane started off the season looking like it would be his breakout year, and then took a sudden turn for timid-ville. The big question is why? My logic is that this is just another example of a team unable to perform under the current coaching system. Kane created his own motivation to start strong and was then flattened by the continual issues in the team's system of play (or lack thereof). The same system that has almost every player playing under what their given talent would suggest with the exception of the guy named earlier in this post.

I could go on and on, and bring to light more reasons of why I am pointing the finger at Q and company, about how the change in lines surprises me not, how this team is rarely prepared for a game this year, and why I think the team is really frustrated for those reasons, but if you have been reading along with us this season, you already had it crammed down your throat. If you still think I am crazy, just ask yourself how many times the Hawks have obviously shown up unprepared for the game at hand and then ask yourself who's job it is to make sure that doesn't happen.

Anyhow, getting back to the title question. It says that he needs help and can't do it alone. Toews' outstanding play to start this season has exposed the holes in every other area of play for the Hawks.

That's enough from me though, I would rather turn it over to comments now. What is your take on the current situation in Blackhawksville?


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  • Tallon built a team that could compensate for not working hard for a full game. Teams like the Yotes, have bothered them since before the cup and not much has changed....except for nights when the Hawks play solid in all three zones and go to the net.

    I don't give Q a pass, but here's something I also think about. The top four D on this team are an average of 6'1 or so and just over 200lb. Toews and Hossa will battle, but neither are players that dish punishing hits. Kane and Sharp are not physical players. Bolland is a true center, but he has truly excelled in shut down. I don't think he can't play second line, I just don't know that it's the best use of his talents. I would love to see him with Hossa though.

    The question I keep coming back to is,"what would a different coach do?" sooner or later, it keeps coming back to guys working hard and working together. A coaching change may come, but I'm not optimistic it would change all the things that need to be changed

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