Just to let everyone know, the wrap is going to be late central time since I won't be able to see the game until after 9 pacific. Here's a little fresh chalkboard from everyone to scribble on til then.

For tonight, we all know the deal. The Ducks are a struggling team and despite having an abundance of talent, the Hawks also possess the ability to become a slump buster for a struggling team. The Ducks right now have a -25 goal differential, but have only allowed one more goal then the Hawks. Gulp. The Ducks also got of the schnide last night by beating the Yotes 4-1. Will that be a momentum changing win for them? I dunno. They haven't lit the world on fire since getting rid of their coach and I think a lot of people are expecting them to be sellers this year and there will probably be plenty of commentary tomorrow from the Chicago fan base suggesting we trade John Scott and a fifth round draft pick for the Ducks entire top line.

As of now it looks like Emery gets the nod and that Carcillo is possibly out with an upper body injury. Ben Smith has also been recalled.

Enjoy the game.


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  • BTW, Preds beat the Wings last night, so we got that going for us today. With Pronger out for the season now, does a big trade happen that starts a chain of smaller trades?

  • I'd be very surprised, Vegas, if the Flyers go out and trade for some defensive help. They're atop the Eastern standings and will, over time, gauge whether they need to fill that roster spot. No hurry at the moment would be my guess.

    As for other trades, I doubt anything goes down before the Christmas moratorium. There's just too many teams in the race and I think the asking price would be higher now than at the deadline.

    Barring long-term injury to some of the core, or a plummet in the standings, I'd be surprised even more if the 'hawks consummate a deal any time soon. SB is a bean counter and carries that persona as far as I'm concerned. He's not going to do anything rash without due consideration to the ramifications. He's not a make-a-trade-on-a-whim type GM. Of course, if something too good comes up…who knows.

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    I agree completely. I think a trade right now for either team will do more harm than good. They are both sitting near the top, and are hoping to work out their issues with what they already have. If it doesn't work, I see them making a trade near the deadline when they can make a better deal.

  • I doubt there will be any trading done until well after the last litre of eggnog has been swilled. No need to pay salary any longer than you have to. Besides who do we want to trade other than Bickell ?

    Put me on the John Scott squad until we get a similar player with better puck skills. He steps on the ice and people behave. How many fights has he been in this year ? We are too light on grit to crap on him and move him along.

    You want Lepisto to keep Lucic in line ? Give me a break.. Seabrook would give it a whirl but the rest of our D is of the puck moving variety from what I have seen so far this year.

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