Hawks Win 5-1.

Hawks Win 5-1.

What started out looking like a pretty boring game ended with the Hawks way on top of the pile. Neither teams seemed really interested in playing this game, most likely looking towards break, but you have to like the end result.

I am really tired right now, so I will make you wait till tomorrow for some thoughts to ponder. I just got back from my own game and I have not skated in 3 months. Calling it brutal would be an understatement. I did however get to meet Mr. Jerry Kane face to face and even had the luxury of skating next to him during my puke fest of a performance. Now you are all jealous. See you in the morning/afternoon with a recap.

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    I can't describe the feeling of seeing the Hawks kicking the asses from the Habs. Living in Montreal and having been raised as a Habs fan, I'll always root for my hometown team... unless they play against the Hawks. So sad that the NHL's current division system only allows for those two Original Six teams to face each other once a year.

    One of the thrilling games of the 2010-2011 season was actually the Hawks' OT loss at the Bell Center. This game was the one where Corey Crawford, back in his native town for the first time as a Hawk, displayed the kind of talent that impressed us all last year. I wished so much the Hawks could avenge their loss.

    Yesterday, the Hawks managed to stick to the game plan, and I only have good tings to say.

    -Crawford bounced back in a big way, and was solid throughout the entire game, despite a few fat rebounds he allowed in the first period. His save on Paccioretti was spectacular.

    -Brian Bickell also bounced back, and looked comfortable. Would he ever come back to his 2010-2011 shape?

    -Stalberg keeps impressing me each time he plays

    -Brandon Pirri confirmed his excellent training camp was not a fluke

    -All players in the offensive core - Toews, Hoss, Sharp and Kane- were, as usual, excellent.

  • HH. What a complete and utter surprise upon completing our game last night to meet in the locker room to find out you're the Hostile Hawk. What a co-inky-dink. Thanks for not puking on me. You need more ice-time and I need to get younger.

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