The Blackhawks forget to show up in Carolina, lose 3-0.

The Blackhawks forget to show up in Carolina, lose 3-0.

Every player with the exception of Toews and Crawford forgot to board the plane heading to Carolina for the one and only matchup of the season between the Canes and Hawks. It was brutal to watch, but somehow CC and Captain Serious held the Canes to only 3 goals in what should have been a total blow-out by the home team. Kane has been rumored as saying he was not up to the challenge of playing against Staal, so his offensive power was left behind, Hossa just forgot there was a game, and Bickell had a shoulder ache, so he was unable to hit anyone anyway.

Seriously, this was a rough game for the Hawks. They seemed completely okay with sitting back and watching the Canes play hockey. Crawford was huge though, and it kept this within reason. In the end, the Hawks were out-shot and only mustered 10 hits which is a stat that I find hard to even produce. You have to run into more guys than that on accident. Oh, wait, I forgot. Leddy's skate also showed up to the game, but chose to support the home team scoring its first goal of the season for the Canes.

This game was almost as if Brunette taught a speed clinic before it started.

Okay, okay, thats enough jokes. I am actually off to play a late night game, so I can't stay long right now. I will just post a few notes below and then follow it up tomorrow with some juice between the lines.

  • The Power-Play has to remedy the present performance and fast. The main concern seems to be entering the zone, now get to work.
  • Net presence is still key. The best chances for the Hawks came when flying to the net without question.
  • This does not however mean you should just throw garbage at the net.
  • Toews is a beast.
  • Stalberg also showed up tonight, giving a few good shifts, and Q needs to take notice of that and give him some more ice when he seems useful.
  • Kane was rendered useless due to the Staal matchup. Will he overcome these obstacles in the future?
  • Montador laid out a beauty of a hit tonight. Nice to see him have a decent game.
  • Nothing was working tonight. No passing, weak shots, a complete lack of hits. The Canes defense seemed to have the answer for how to handle the Hawks offense. Keeping a man high to neutralize any D to D puck movement was one answer. Winning battles in the corner was another.
  • I am expecting a huge turn-around for tomorrow night's game. The Jackets are hungry for a win and a division rival. Emery has been rumored to be getting the start. I wonder if Q will stay that course?

Until tomorrow


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  • What the hell was that tonight? I mean, seriously -- what was that?

    Gotta love the superbly thought-out quotes after the game too:
    "We're disappointed with the way we played," - Patrick Sharp
    "We got dominated in all areas of the game," - Coach Q

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