Carcillo Suspension.

Carcillo Suspension.

In other news, something I should have included within the last post was the information about Carcillo's suspension. It is the reason for his departure from the roster last night, and the reason we will not see him on Monday night either. Well, that and Stalberg deserves another look, but I digress.

The question is whether or not Carcillo should have been suspended in the first place. His punishment is for 2 games, and the result of his awkward hit against Joni Pitkanen of the Carolina Hurricanes. The hit can be seen at YouTube:

I am having a hard time with this one. When I saw the "hit" originally at game-time speed my reaction was, "Oh crap, he's getting suspended." Then they showed the reply from behind the 2 skaters in slow-motion and what I saw was 2 players fighting for position on a dumped puck, Pitkanen's skates fly out from under him and the 2 go flying into the boards awkwardly.

The replay from the corner perspective shows an almost completely different action. This angle makes it look as if Carcillo gives him a push, which would warrant some need for justice, even if the push is as slight as this angle even portrays. I think this was a hard call, and feel that Carcillo's name might have more to do with the punishment in the end.

Here is what Q had to say, "I watched the play," Quenneville said Saturday afternoon. "You can look at the play. He's off-balance before there is contact in my eyes. That's how I saw it. Whether he touched him or not, he was going down."

Carcillo himself feels wrongfully accused, even mentioning a thought to change his name to avoid future punishments. Again, I tend to sway in the direction of what Q said, but see a different story from 2 distinct angles of the view.

Either way, Im not arguing because it allowed us a look at Stalberg on the top line which turned out to be the perfect answer for last night's game against the Jackets. It will also give us another look at Stals in Monday night's game against the Preds, a team which the Hawks often have issues producing goals against. I also decided that we need to start calling Stalberg "Louis Mendoza," as in Benny the Jet Rodriguez's character in the Mighty Ducks.

Your thoughts?


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  • I actually think Carcillo's suspension was pretty fair. I don't think Carcillo was trying to make a dirty hit, but given how Shanahammer has handled every other suspension, I can't say I feel like Carbomb was treated unfairly. I hate to be cynical, but I'm not real fired up about the game Stalberg had. He scored two explosive goals against the team with the worst record in the league and a goal differential of -12. I love watching him skate and against certain teams I have no doubt he will have more good nights. On a night to night grind though, I don't think there is anything different about him from last year. Against solid teams with bigger forwards, someone is going to start shit with him and he is likely to turtle up while waiting for a guy like Mayers to come stand up for him. Some nights he will be huge, other nights I think he will be a liability.

    In my role as arm chair GM, I feel like I'd rather have a player who is going to give me something I can more or less depend on every night, even if that player is not superskilled in any one area of his game. Over ten games, I think Carcillo has been a lot more consistent and productive then Stalberg. Carcillo will never do what Stals did the other night, then again, Stals is not likely to repeat that soon. I've used this analogy already, but I really see Stals as the new Brouwer. He's going to have some very good nights but will likely play his way up and down the lines and eventually get traded.

  • I think the suspension was fair, and think the push was extremely obvious. I don't think Pitkanen was off balance at all before contact either, that's just Q's BS in effort to stick up for his player. It really was a mini-version of the Ovechkin hit on Campbell a couple years ago. Yeah, that was more blatant and forceful, but it's the same deal -- knocking a player off balance in a race right near the end boards. It's just a needless, dangerous play.

    I agree with Vegas on the top line. I really like what Carcillo brings to it. But we'll see if Stals can produce another big night against the Preds.

  • I totally agree ipagitr, the Ovi hit jump into my head right away.

    Here's my deal with Stal's. His speed is mind-blowing. It recalls memories of Pavel Bure exploding between defense and being un-catchable. If he were to build better puck handling skills as Bure had, I see super-star production. Puck handling can be learned, speed is god-given.

    If he were on a top line consistently on another team, I think he might develop. Here, in his weird role, Im not so sure.

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    Great call on Stalberg's speed, Hostile! What a rush on the OT goal tonight! He was flying!!!

  • I'd love nothing more than to see Stals use his blazing speed to produce big numbers on the top line. He has a chance again tonight to show what he can do. Carcillo will be effective no matter where he plays, but it's nice to have a little toughness out on the ice with Kane.

    On another topic, the Hawks play the Panthers on Thursday and it's a no-brainer we got the better half of the Frolik / Skille trade. Including the end of last season, Skille has 1 goal and 2 assists in 23 games for the Panthers... and is -15 in that span as well.

    Campbell has 9 points (all assists) in Florida so far, but is -3... What's he getting paid again? Hahaha. I liked Soupy, but I'm glad he's in Florida.

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