Blackhawks - Wings Recap: Shootout loss in Detroit.

Blackhawks - Wings Recap: Shootout loss in Detroit.

The Hawks fell to Detroit early Sunday evening, battling to a 3-3 tie at the end of regulation and forcing a shootout. Unfortunately, a dazzling Bertuzzi shootout goal, and a follow up by Zetterberg were enough to surpass the 3 pucks that Brandon Pirri was able to put behind the goal line.

Based on the earlier portions of the game, getting to overtime was a feat by our young Hawks. Most impressive tonight was Mr. Pirri, number 37 in case you missed him. This  performance coupled with that of earlier preseason games has this Hawks fan convinced and expecting more than a few appearances during the regular season. Scoring 2 goals (1 a shorty) and a shootout goal are enough to talk about, but what excites me most is his all around game presence.

Another young guy who has shown strong in all of his performances this season is towering Jimmy Hayes. Picking up a shockingly patient goal that showcased the soft hands of this 6'6" 220+ forward, his size and skills are making a tough case to ever seeing Scott on the ice again. Like Pirri, it was not only the goal that stood out. Hayes has been preforming well all through training camp and this game was no exception.

In net for his first full-game experience was Alexander Salak. Arguably the main reason that the Hawks even saw the shootout, Salak battled threw a bountiful display of Detroit firepower. Still displaying a need for improvement and many lessons to learn (getting beat high all 3 goals), his size and rebound control paired with his poise show much potential. No doubt that he is the current front-runner for CC's back-up position.

If your looking for a more detailed review of the game, the most important element is that the coverage of the Hawks was severely lacking. Salak was hung out to dry on many occasions. The lack of playing time together is evident in the overflowing Hawk's roster. Im sure this will change in the coming weeks as the active roster thins out.

Other noteable moments included Pirri's shorthanded blast, the offensive pressure produced by Frolik, another strong performance by Mayers, Olsen using his size effectively on defense, an impressive PK moment by Mclean, Leddy getting destroyed behind the net, and more blunders by Montador, who is doing nothing to counter my complaints from his last performances.

Worth mentioning is that Saad had his first struggle of training camp. Not a bad game, just an obvious struggle. I am still in his corner for making the team, but names such as Hayes and Smith provide reason to question. Most likely out of the run is Kruger, given Pirri's performance yesterday, I see little reason to question that choice.

Also worth mentioning was Frolik's performance as a center. Looking pretty comfortable in that position, he might be the better route over Sharp as a center.

It was encouraging to watch the Hawks battle back in this one. Looking down and out after Detroit took a 3-1 lead, the squad full of youngsters and hopefuls proved resilient. Next time just stay out of the box a bit more.




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  • Looking forward to dropping the puck on this season and getting back to the ice! Things should be tight in the Western Conference again. Your Hawks look like they will be a strong team this year!

    Hope you all had a safe and funfilled summer! See you in the comments! Good luck!

  • Nice to see you around OneTeam.

    Has anyone heard about Kane playing center in the next game? He was practicing at that position and might be seen in the next game in that spot. Crazy

    Also, big Jimmy Hayes was sent down to Rockford. Huh.

  • Welcome back One Team, hope your summer was good too. Sick goal from Bertuzzi but it's always a shame to lose in the skills competition. Gotta say the kids gave em a solid run for the money. They kept the Wings from putting it out of reach, they stuck to a simple but solid game and clawed their way back into it and were able to hold on at the end. Considering most of these kids are not going to be here this year, this was actually a pretty impressive game.

    Kane at center? Why not? It's not like anyone else is currently winning that job.

    Interesting news around the league. Wiz gets eight games and I'm sure his new team is VERY pleased with that. Campoli has found a home and once again, a player the Hawks have walked away from nets less money then his arbitration award. Is SB shrewd, lucky or is the cap doing the work of preventing GM's from going Dale Tallon?

  • Not signing Campoli might have been the biggest mistake of the summer, maybe even only mistake from where I am standing. With Montador looking extremely rough out there, the choice looks even more harsh.
    Kane at center seems like a desperate move.
    Like I said, I think Pirri is showing real promise there, and Frolik looked comfortable in the spot.
    Who knows, Kane might find himself there. I might have tickets to the game too.

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    I think Campoli was purely a matter of economics. Once they overpaid for Montador, I just don't think they could justify paying Campoli 2.5 to be a third pair guy. Lepisto, I think, will ultimately do what you want a third pair guy to do. Admittedly, I'm pretty ambivalent on Campoli; I don't love him, I didn't hate him. As for Montador, I'm going to wait until the season starts to reserve judgement on him. Right now, he's playing with the kids, he's playing with a new team and I don't really think his role is set in stone yet.

    Yeah, he's a veteran who's not looking very veteran right now, but I think he'll catch a groove. I sure hope so anyway as the Hawks have committed to him and he's not going anywhere.

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