Regarding Dan Carcillo.

Regarding Dan Carcillo.

Dan Carcillo's reputation proceeds him. It is a reputation that is firmly planted in the recent memory of Blackhawks fans everywhere. Upon the news of his signing with the Hawks, a great swell of mixed emotions began festering and ended in a definite conclusion of doubt for many of us. Is this a good move?

To be fair, Carcillo is a hard guy to play against. Maybe even one of the toughest and most feared in some respects. And he can put up double digits in a single season.  So why not great him with open arms? The Hawks are obviously trying to build a team that has the defensive depth to balance their already potent offense. Dan meets that criteria and a Hawk he has become.

The problem is how and why he meets that criteria. Toews is hard to play agianst too, but he spends nowhere near the amount of minutes in the box. Carcillo spent 324 penalty minutes in the box with the Coyotes in their 2007-08 campaign. Im not even sure he played that many minutes on the ice. This can be a large concern, especially with our currently hurting PK.

Simply put, Carcillo is a dirty player and his acquisition has many Blackhawks fans wondering if they can or will get behind and support a player like that. Bowman calls it "personality," and Carcillo says "he has learned to curb his emotions." And yet, the new Hawk will start his season with a 2-game suspension.

I have yet to make a decision of yay or nay. I see his potential and admire what he brings in a "complete game" mentality, but I  am also a purest who believes in sportsmanship and allowing talent to decide the outcomes of games.

I have heard the debate many times since the news and want to now hear what all of have to say on the matter. Please leave your comments below. Are you Pro or Con and why?


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  • In general, I like this signing. To be clear, I don't agree with the mouthbreathers about needing an enforcer, as I really believe those days are fading very fast. Moreover, I don't remember thinking a lot last year that the Hawks were getting pushed around. But, there were a few things I didn't like that I think Carcillo can help address.

    Something I thought the team drastically lacked last year was an "energy" line. With the exodus of Burish, Eager, Fraser, etc, I think the team really lost some bite on the fourth lines. Not only were those guys shit stirrers, they could also score some very clutch goals. Carcillo may play like a douchebag at times, but he is not without skill. Grit aside, I think he adds genuine depth on lower lines we didn't have last year.

    Though I disagree with mouthbreathers about how much tougher the Hawks need to be, I do believe there were times they did not look like a tough team to deal with. I keep seeing several games in my head the Hawks played against the Coyotes. No matter what time of year it was, they would give a cross check shove to anyone still standing in their crease after a whistle. This was something I never saw from the Hawks. And of course there's my Pat Foley example I always harp on. Toews, Seabrook, Keith, Sharp, Bolland and a few others can handle themselves just fine. The problem, as I see it, is that you can fight any one of those guys and NOT draw significant heat from the rest of them. I don't believe there were big lockerroom problems, but these guys sure don't stand up for each a whole lot.

    Guys like Brouwer and Skille are gone, and Carcillo is in. I think Bowman is sending a message about what he wants to see on his team. Though he is undoubtedly going to cost the team some goals, he is going to be a pain in the ass to play against every night. I see this as a risk, but a risk that has some upside.

  • I don't have a problem with the signing of Carcillo. I think Q will keep a tight rein on him and we won't see many dumb penalties unless the game is out of hand or the 'hawks are getting pushed around, which I think they did quite often last year. Don't think that will be a problem this year.

    I agree that a genuine energy line was lacking last year and Mayers and Carcillo will certainly help in that regard. Let's face it, Skille, Stalberg, Johnson and Pisani didn't strike fear in a lot of teams …

    Carcillo has a decent skill set and could contribute offensively and provide some much needed net presence in the offensive zone. If, and its a big if, he can play with some edge and maintain some discipline it wouldn't surprise me to see up on the top two lines at some point. He doesn't have hands of stone. I liken him to Steve Downey with Tampa. Give Carcillo some purpose other than to instigate and we may see some significant contributions from him. There's going to be some bonehead penalties along the way but every team takes them from time to time. (See Burish and Eager.)

  • His reputation precedes him, and so does the debate on whether to play him or not. I clearly remember reading numerous Flyer blogs during the 2010 Cup finals where Philly fans argued about how many minutes Carcillo should play - if at all.

    His effectiveness will depend on the coaches, him teammates, and his coach-ability. We're all hoping to see the Eager / Burish intensity mix with a little extra control. He does have some decent skills to go along with the edgy play. But if his emotions get the best of him as in the past, he's reduced to a pain-in-the-ass taking penalties while accomplishing nothing. That type is not hard to play against, and can actually be a humorous boost to the opposition. I remember thinking of him that way in 2010.

    I don't think Laviolette was the best character to coach him in that regard, but maybe Q can have a more stable, focused influence on his game.

  • One of the things that I like about Q is his apparent ability to deal with the players and keep them professional. He did it with Eager, he had experience with Burish and many others with Carcillo's "edgyness."

    Mayers is less of a wildcard and I am excited to have him, although I still wish that had never traded Eager away.

  • Nice points HH and Guitar. On Eager, I always thought he was kind of a meathead, but in watching what he's done since leaving the Hawks I certainly do have to wonder if Q's style is part of what helped him keep his shit mostly together. His behavior this year against Vancouver was embarrassing and harmful to his team. Something else you guys made me think of was the Captain. Will playing with a Captain like Toews make a difference in keeping him focused? If something between Q and Toews kept guys like Eager and Burish focused, this might be a little more cause for optimism.

    What I guess I hope is true is that work ethics and desire to win are contagious. Looking at cap geek, Carcillo is taking a nearly 30% pay cut this year for a one year deal while Eager goes up north and lands a three year deal at 1.1 If Carcillo has a good year, which should be easier on a good team, I see no reason he can't get back up in that range. In contrast to Eager, I think Carcillo has a lot more at stake to play for this year.

  • Well, being a White Sox fan as well as a Hawks fan, it's like what Ozzie says about A.J. Pierzynski. "...if he's not on your team, you hate him. If he's on your team, you hate him less."

  • Mr. Carcillo is a wild card. Opposing D'men won't be hanging on to the puck too long as like Eager he has the wheels to pressure and the desire to hit.

    Torres would not have carried on as he did had the Hawks had players who would stand up with little provocation. Guys like Kane need space and if you know that crowding him is going to get you into a fight, a lot lot of players will soften how hard they go after Hawks talent.

    Goofball penalties will occur but I for one am happier with him then without him.

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