Are we overlooking new Blackhawk, "Ocho-Cinco" Olesz?

Number 85, Rostislav Olesz might be a diamond in the rough, and the lack of consideration for what he might bring to the Chicago Blackhawks is worth examining a bit more than has already been critiqued.

Drafted 7th overall in 2004 by the Panthers, Olesz never quite lived up to the expectations set by the Florida administration. In 6 years as an NHL player, he has never surpassed the 14 goal marker. But, could this have more to do with where Olesz was playing?

A closer look at Olesz' skills paint the picture of one talented individual. Just take a look at the video attached to this post. In it, "Ocho-Cinco" shows to have smooth and lethal hands, a back-hand to be intimidated by and the skill set of a natural goal scorer. Keep it quick, keep it simple and make it accurate.

Further review into videos showcasing Olesz' talents reveal a hard hitting forward with speed, agility and a great shot. It just might be his willingness and somewhat effortless ability to play the body that the Hawks stand to gain the most from.

There will not be much pressure on Olesz to score goals this year as a Hawk, and his apparent excitement over becoming a Blackhawk could create a winning combo for the 1st rounder entering his 7th season. He now skates for a hockeytown that will surely welcome his physical presence on one of the top 3 lines, leaving the pressure to score more goals in Florida.

These elements have this Hawks Fan anticipating some fireworks out of the newcomer, however overlooked he might be, adding to the already high expectations of this upcoming hockey season.


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    Anywho, the Hawks a re loaded for bear. Good depth this year, maybe better than 2010. Can't wait to see how things shake out.

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