Wouldn't you know it, Brian Campbell trade to Florida a reality. Huge options for Blackhawks emerge.

I think that fourfeather and beaverwarrior's comments from last post about Campbell's inevitable trade should be treated as gold and posted across the internet for everyone to see. Right on the money.

Florida, in need of finding some expensive players to raise their cap hit above the sea level, might have found it in Brian Campbell, who has waived his no-trade clause in order to move into the Panther's home. Bam!
Something I have been asking to happen for a while has come true. I am indeed in awe of SB's powers and think that this could be the best move possible for the future of the Hawks. To Campbell, thanks for being a part of the Stanley Cup year, but it was time.
In some less gratifying news to my ears, Brouwer has been traded to the Washington Capitals in exchange for a first-round pick. Of the players on the Hawk's roster, these might be the two I expected to go the most. I like Brouwer a lot, but feel he has underperformed for the Hawks. He might find some better success in Washington. 
With the recent change in the cap situation and these new moves, the Blackhawks and SB no have some breathing room and many options. Nice to see. Sharp's contract is now an easier deal and the Hawks can find the size they need while maybe bringing in another big name player. Wish we could grab a few that we lost last off-season.
I can firmly say that at this moment, I believe in Stan Bowman. 


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  • If you want to read more about my feelings on the matter of Campbell, simply read back just one post in our evaluation of Campbell this past season written by Vegashawksfan. I present my views in the comments portion of the reading.

  • Sad to see Troy Brouwer being traded. I wish him the best with his new team. Being that the Hawks are now 14 million below the cap,July 1st should be a very interesting day.


  • Well, we will now see if we are happy with what we wished for. I think Campbell is going to be missed on the ice, but no one will miss his contract and he went to the East as did Brouwer. Brouwer is a guy that I feel the same way about that HH does. With his size and his usual goals, he's that guy that you think absolutely would fit with the Hawks. However, Q shuffles him up and down just about every line and he's gotta be happy with the thought of a fresh start. After being in the Winter Classic, you gotta think the Caps are do for a deep run next year. If TBrow finds a consistent niche to play in, he could have a really good year.

    So what do we do now? Well, I made my case for Leddy taking Campbells spot yesterday instead of getting limited ice time on the third pair. Brooks Laich? Brad Richards? Can this kid they picked up in the draft do something, he looked pretty big.

    BW and FF, you are now both considered evil geniuses, very well done!

  • Hi Guys,
    First off, apologies to Vegas for missing that it was you who penned the last thread. It was well written.

    Just finished watching the draft off my DVR. Nice draft for the 'hawks. The Canadian (TSN) broadcasters were saying that McNiell is considered NHL ready. We'll see.

    Now, on to the bigger biscuits. I said in the previous thread that I'd reserve judgment if Campbell were traded. Now with Brouwer dumped today as well, suddenly the 'hawks have 9M more cash to play with. Olesz takes a third of that back leaving a net gain of 6M. I think the 'hawks are not as good at the moment as they were before the draft began so I'm not going all ga-ga over this move just yet. Don't know much about Olesz except that he was a first round pick and has a big body. That's a start, I suppose to fill in the fourth line. The big question, for me, is what lies ahead in the next week and what does SB do with that extra cash besides re-up Sharp, Campoli and Frolik?

    As of today we're not as good as we were yesterday. Hate to see Brouwer go.
    Campbell apparently refused a deal to go to Columbus, wonder what that was about.

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    I saw Tallon make that comment about being the waste managment of the NHL. For Olesz, I guess I hope he stays healthy and is looking for a fresh start. As for TBrouw, I don't know what to think yet. Right now, I tend to believe that SB had a price in mind of what it's worth to keep Brouwer and didn't want to be a position like they were with Hammer's offer sheet. Are they thinking Beach has matured? I read in an interview with McPhee that there weren't really any players they wanted in the area where their pick was. I thought that was curious. Did SB trade just to avoid contract issues or does he believe he got value there?

    Either way, SB has taken a pretty decisive move here. Brouwer, skilled as he is, was a guy to me who just couldn't seem to find a place to be, but that might be more on Q. And we have covered Campbell pretty well. He said some guys weren't coming back, I'm thinking he has more trades in mind.

  • In reply to VegasHawksFan:

    Vegas, agree with you here, Brouw was mismanaged by Q. When Hossa was out to start the season in the cup year Brouwer was on fire with Toews and Kane. All downhill from there.

    On Campbell, well, Leddy and Campoli have some big shoes to fill both in minutes and puck management. I still think there's another D man on the way in the mold of Seabrook but for a lot less. Maybe Sopel too.

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    I disagree with you Feather, that the Hawks are worse than they were before yesterday.

    While Brouwer is big and talented, he has had troubles living up to his expectations, even though he did lead the team in hits. Moving him simply allows for more options. I think SB has some faith in a few younger guys in the system (Beach) and he needs the room to get them some ice. It also opens up the possibility to go after a slightly larger ticket item like Brad Richards, a center, which the Hawks are looking for.

    The Hawks were in need of trading one of their big salary guys, pure and simple. Too many players were making big bucks. If it is going to be someone, it has to be Campbell due to his lack of living up to that paycheck and the reality that the Hawks have players already on the roster who can fill that position (in my opinion). Plus, I think SB really wants to give Lalonde a spot, or make a large acquisition after July 1st.

    In my opinion, the Hawks are better than they were after yesterday. Players already on the roster will have the opportunity to play where they belong and the Hawks are in a prime position to make the necessary changes going forward. I think SB wants to look at each individual line and find the best pairings. He knows that players underperformed last year, and chemistry has a large role in that. Now he can build with the freedom to make the best decisions.

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    HH, 200+ hits and 15-20 goals is going to be hard to replace for 2M which is probably in the ball park for waht Brouwer would get.

    Campbell was an aging vet who provided a solid effort game in an out. Now that falls on Leddy and is he ready?

    Until SB fills in some of the holes and addresses the need for some physical players they have lost more than they have gained. I'll reserve judgment for now.

    Freeing up cap space certainly gives them options they didn't have yesterday but let's see what gets done in the next two weeks. Don't forget that the cap rises for everybody and suddenly the floor teams are having to spend as well. This means that a weak pool of UFAs will be in short supply and high demand.

  • In reply to Hostile Hawk:

    Icehogst, I agree a moxy player with some tenacity and some gritty third and fourth line players and a solid hefty D-man are still needed. I was surprised that SB mentined Beach as one of the Hogs that may be promoted. I don't see hm play, but by all accounts he is not ready. As for Morin and Smith, will they address the need for the grit this team needs?

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    FF, I don't think either fit the grit. I was thinking more of veteran moxy, forwards who win board battles and create constant pressure. A nasty D man.

    Ben is a Lou Angotti type player, works hard and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Morin has the skills but never stood out in the Hog games I saw. But then the hogs had a lousy year where no one did much of anything.

  • In reply to jorput:

    I've seen Beach 4 times last year and once at prospects camp. Unless he has a big turnaround he'll never make it to the NHL. From what I've seen from the stands is a disinterested player without drive to make a play. If someone bumps him he turns it into an invitation to fight. I hope I'm wrong but I get tired of the bandwagon jumpers calling for the big guy that fights.

    What Vancouver realized is skill does not win a Cup and toughness doesn't mean cheap slewfooting and high elbowing. But the Bruins got it and the Hawks had it and will get it back soon I'm certain.

  • In reply to JerryManderings:


    Since you've watched the Hogs play four more time then I ever will, what's your take on Shawn Lalonde and Dylan Olson ?


  • In reply to beaverwarrior:

    Lalonde and Olson were noticeably better than the other players on the ice but the Hogs were a pitiful team last season. Smith & Morin stood out too but it's a new year. I'll try to get to prospects camp in a few weeks and report back.

    And I'm not one that listens to the prognosticators. It drives me nuts. I like the talk on this blog because we all talk about the present and don't predict the future, except me with Beach. So I hate myself.

    Can't wait for July 1 action. Then the convention when they announce Sharpie's new 5 year contract. Oops, another prediction.

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    A pair of eyes at camp which aren't trying to sell me something is all one can ask for.

    I too can't wait for July 1st or as FF might point out..Canada Day.


  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    It's okay Jerry, we'll love you until you can love yourself. This year's theme for the team and this blog is healing and success.

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    Brouwer is a streaky player at best. Not a clutch performer. Not gritty or tough enough to be a true physical force, and not skilled enough to be in the elite category. He's another Jack Skille-type, only slightly better. We won't miss him.

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    Boy it's been interesting scanning the blogosphere and reading the Campbell comments. Joy or sorrow and not much in between. I'm still in the camp that believes just dumping contracts does not make the Hawks better and SB still has to do something with that saved money to make it pay off. I don't think we will honestly be able to assess these trades until the season starts.

    On another note, I'm liking that Stan is staying active and making an effort through the drat to stockpile prospects. Washington and SJ both decided to ditch their late round picks and with the cap what it is this just seems kinda weird. If nothing else, I think SB has some assets to package here and there to try and make trades.

    Anyone checking out prospect's camp?

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    Audio of Brian Campbell discussing his move to Florida: http://panthers.nhl.com/club/podcastplayer.htm?pid=348&iid=32244

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    I liked hearing that interview.
    It kind of illustrates how the move will be good for both teams in the long run. I find it funny how Dale is taking the same exact path he took last time by starting with Campbell. I think Campbell is likely to perform better in Florida than he did here. I got the feeling, and I heard from a source who knows him, that Campbell was never really that excited about playing in Chicago. Well, besides winning the Cup.

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    Stunning news, all good as far as i can see. And all anticipated by you guys. Pretty smart as always.

    Can't wait to see who will be brought in but will hope for a moxy guy who brings some tenacity. The chemistry improvement is, in my mind, the most pressing need. They need an infusion of grit to set the table for the speed game.
    Beach looked not ready in the late season ice hog games I watched- undisciplined and actually was benched several times.

  • Dale Tallon was interviewed on TSN and was asked if he was busy fielding calls for deals. He said ( with tongue firmly planted) that others were considering the Panthers a Waste Management operation and trying to dump all their trash on them. I laughed. Good guy Tallon.

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