The Canucks are 2 wins away from taking Lord Stanley's Cup to Vancouver.

With another late win on Saturday night, the Canucks drew within 2 more of making good on their projected confidence. 2 more wins and Vancouver erupts into a tizzy, possibly destroying the whole west coast of Canada and even taking a bit of Washington and Alaska during the celebration. Our good friend Fourfeather probably has more to say on the matter than myself, but we can all feel the eminent explosion pulsating from the North-West. With a 2-0 lead in the series, the Nucks are in damn good shape. Not that there hasn't been a battle for those wins, it just looks more and more like Vancouver is just destined to win it all.

There seems to be a pattern emerging in this series which has been contagiously affected by the rest of the playoffs and season. While Boston did a better job staying out of the box and putting pucks on the net, Vancouver just waited out the minutes holding back until absolutely necessary. They sometimes seem like a killer whale playing with its prey, pun intended. I am just trying to say that their seems to be a consistency with how the Vancouver games play out, beyond the obvious results of team's system of play. Not to mention their production from guys like Kesler, Burrows, and Torres.
I missed the majority of this game, something I am not happy with, but what I saw coupled with the many highlights I waded through, paint a nearly complete picture which resembles game 1 in many ways. Boston had there fair share of opportunities, played well 5 on 5, and Tim Thomas shined extremely bright until the final and game-winning goal. 
Vancouver on the other hand, came out flying once again, fell a bit in the second and kicked into high gear just in time to win the game in the end. Plus, the guy who basically won the game could have easily found himself suspended had his supposed bite been more clearly seen. Burrows recorded 2 goals and 1 assist, a very good night. My thoughts are definitely moving towards a Vancouver win, though I still think Boston is well within reason to come back and take it from the Nucks.
I encourage anyone to fill in the many gaps that I have left in this post about game 2. I just wanted to say this first: There was a tid bit of negative comments flowing in Thomas' direction after game 2. Yes, he clearly was at fault for the winning goal, and it was a direct cause of coming way out of the net. This could warrant a bit of concern. However, I think a short glance at the ridiculous amount of fantastic saves made in both games would take any responsibility of his shoulders. There has been mention of persuading him to change his style which I find to be ludicrous.
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  • Eight minutes left in the game and I'm having flashbacks of the '70's Flyers..


  • Nothing is more enjoyable to watch then a solid ass whippin of Vancouver. The Rome hit was totally classless but par for the course for Vancouver. I think HH's comment was spot on, Vancouver is a team that lays in wait and has a limited amount of effort they are willing to exert. Luongo was not good last night, but after awhile his team flat out quit in front of him just like they did against the Hawks. I'm obviously biased, but I just don't think Vancouver is a dominant team. When the game is even, they play tight and when it's going their way they push. When a team shows real fight though, they turtle up and wait for the clock to run out, the Sedins especially.

    News this morning is that Horton is gone for the rest of the series. Contrary to the letter of the rule, shoulder hits to the head appear to be legal so I'm not yet convinced that the NHL will suspend Rome.

  • Given that the puck was gone and it was a blind-side hit, I think he gets at least one. Great to see the romp last night, Vancouver is a gutless team when things start going against them. I like how Sedin graps the Bruin guy around the neck and holds on after the whistle, probably knowing he would get 10 and wouldn't have to play (and get hit) for the remainder of the game. Also enjoyed when Lucic slugged Burrows in the head and then put his fingers near the biter/hair-puller, looked like he was going to cry. They just quit in front of their goalie, what an embarrassment.

  • Four games for Rome. Strangely, I feel like that might be just a little too much and here is why. Coly the Clown's wheel of justice was a joke. If we had an established track of consistency where players knew they were looking at something near five games for a dangerous hit, that would be one thing. The number of games seems okay to me, but given the recent history of how the NHL does things, I think this is much more about the fact that Horton is out for the rest of the series and that the game last night was embarrassing for the league. I enjoyed the beatdown and I was entertained both by the finger taunts and by the bitch treatment Burrows received from Lucic. But, that was a bad game for the sport. After two close games, this game was kind of out of hand by every measure. The taunts, the after whistle scrums, the ejections and the quit factor displayed by Vancouver. Much as this might have been punishment for the hit, I think the league is trying to regain a handle on what could turn about to be an embarrassing finals. Can we expect this consistency from Shanahan going forward?

  • Well guys, I thoroughly enjoyed the game last night. It was old-time hockey in spite of the taunts and jabs and cheap shots. Just like the 'hawks did, I hope the Bs can use the hit, the bite, and the Lapierre taunt as rally points and continue with the physical play. The Canucks are beatable and that was the way to do it. Punish them relentlessly and they'll shy away. The Canucks facade of being more disciplined was slowly coming unglued last night.

    As for the hit and the suspension, it is only Rome, and that really doesn't hurt the Canucks all that much. They have Ballard at 4.2M as a healthy scratch and it will be argued that he is better than Rome, just not in AVs books. Four seems a bit steep to me, but it looks like a tit-for-tat scenario with Horton gone for the series. Rome has also been suspended twice previously so he's a repeat perp. Just a couple of years ago that would have been a great hockey hit.

    Anyway, the silence around the neighborhood was noticeable during the game last night

  • So, Kevin Cheveldayoff takes the Manitoba job, could it be that Haviland is on his way to a HC job there too. That would good for him but a sad day for me. Winning has its costs.

  • You're bang on, HH. Even the local sportstalk show was on about his lack of accountability for his players last night. Never mind the hit, what about the bite and the incessant diving. They may have stopped the chirping after the whistle, but they're still the same whiny, bunch under the facade. Another loss and expect Gillis to have another PC about the officiating.

  • "Hockey fans" are coming out of the woodwork out here in New England. Pretty funny to see Bruins T-shirts and hats worn everywhere you look, and being sold in stores that have never carried a single NHL item in their history. While the bandwagon-fan mentality is usually pretty annoying, it's a breath of fresh air in this hockey-deprived area of Rhode Island.

    After outscoring the Nucks 12-1 these past two games, you gotta think the scales have tipped heavily in Boston's favor. Vancouver didn't have an answer in either game and their bench has zero confidence right now. Thomas is looking at MVP if he keeps this pace up -- only 4 goals allowed on 146 shots so far in the finals. As we said during the Hawks / Nucks series, the key for Boston seems to be getting that all-important lead in the game.

  • In reply to iplagitr:

    Watching Luongo get pulled in a Vancouver ass whipping will never, never never get old. Boston manhandled them again. The Sedins are nothing but turtles when it comes to standing up for themselves and it's not like they are getting any help from their teammates. Once again Burrows acted like the complete bitch he is, and Thomas gave him a smack down. That was outstanding to watch. You got it though guitar, they have to get a lead and more or less need to get up by three goals to get Van to start quitting. Blasting Bieksa nonstop wasn't a bad idea either.

    This feels eerily like the Hawks/Van series. Vancouver got their swagger and cockiness, and then got their balls handed to them two games in a row. Based on that, I would expect the next game to be close and if it's close, I have to give Van the edge no matter what the score. Seems like the gameline is set, close games to Van, blowouts to Boston. To win it all, I think Boston really needs to win the next one.

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