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Player Eval #2: Nick Leddy and the Hawks sign Salak.

The Hawks signed goaltender Alexander Salak, who was part of the Frolik deal with Florida to a 2 year contract. They also signed Byron Froese and David Gilbert to 3 year entry level contracts. Salak, who is 24 made 2 appearances in the NHL last year and made 34 saves on 40 shots. Looks like... Read more »

Stanley Cup Preview: It has been a long wait for the Bruins and Canucks.

This might just happen to be Vancouver’s year. For all of the talent on their roster, the hockey gods have helped them along with a few breaks to get them where they are. But, it happens to be the year of Tim Thomas, and you can take that to the bank. It is so much... Read more »

Canucks win the West: A frustrated Shark's team goes home earlier than anticipated.

It is damn hard to lose a game when you out-shot your opponent by 22 shots, but the San Jose Sharks did just that last night. The Sharks dominated in almost every category last night with the exception of goals and you could also say bounces and those count more. When leading the game by... Read more »

Power Play City: The Canucks find a 3-1 lead in San Jose.

We are all well aware of the importance of scoring on the power-play; we watched the Hawks all year. There was even an added sense of importance to the 5 on 3, thanks much in part to coach Q’s comments about not winning games when those opportunities go without production. Well, incase you missed today’s... Read more »

Player Eval #1: Corey Crawford gets his contract.

It feels good to have a reason to talk about the Blackhawks. Possibly learning from the mistakes of last off-season and the shenanigans of years prior, SB and company moved quickly to secure Crawford to a contract causing him to be the future of the Chicago net for a few years to come. The deal... Read more »

Heard from Niemi as he left the ice, "Joten tämä on, miltä tuntui olla Luongo viime vuonna."

If google translate is correct, that means “So this is what it felt like to be Luongo last year”. Oye, was that a beat down. Meltdown is more like it I guess. Since the Hawks lost to the Canucks, I have had a pit in the stomach feeling that this is Vancouver’s year. I picked... Read more »

The Bruins and Bolts make for an interesting game 2, while the Nucks make a statement against the Sharks.

Playoffs! Round 2 in the conference final games has left much to ponder. The Bruins fought hard to even their series, while the Sharks sat down and allowed the Vancouver powerhouse to take full command of theirs. I have found the Boston – Tampa games to hold more value as a hockey fan, unless you... Read more »

Can Trading Brian Campbell Really Save us Fifteen Percent on our Roster?

Actually, this has nothing to do with Brian Campbell or GEICO, but they showed the one GEICO commercial with the Buck that stops and looks at the camera and I’m kinda easily amused but stuff like that. So, we got a wrap out west and a fresh start out east. The Fat Lady done sung... Read more »

The Preds are out, but Detroit has not heard the fat lady sing.

Everyone was expecting the Wings to come out strong tonight, but I sure as hell didn’t expect this lopsided of a match. Niemi was forced to make 43 saves on the night and almost kept the Wings to goose eggs until late in the 3rd. On the flip side of the rink, Howard only needed... Read more »

The Playoffs roll on without the Blackhawks. Updates on all things hockey.

Incase you happened to miss it, the last Shark’s – Wing’s game was maybe the best of the playoffs thus far. It was physical, it was fast, both teams brought their A-games offensively and both goalies showed up to back their teams. In a game that had so many marvelous scoring opportunities from both teams,... Read more »