Uncharted Territory for these 2 Teams. Vancouver takes a 2-0 lead in the series.

That was an interesting game to say the least. Harder to watch than the last one, but with a better start (not saying much). Hawks almost took it out of Vancouver's hands thanks to the new guy. I thought Ben Smith was going to win this game single handedly in the final seconds of play. Im very tired, so this will be short. Post your thoughts, I would love to hear them, and a longer post will be up sometime tomorrow morning.

This game was proof that the goals don't all have to come off of the top line's stick, but it wouldn't hurt for them to score too. They got into Luongo's head a bit and it might help in Chicago. A clumsy game all around for the Hawks, a tad better in the physical department, but that didn't keep Bickell from leaving early. The defense was lost on too many occasions with little support from the offense, and the transition game was less than smooth.
Vancouver is proving to be a difficult challenge. Do the Hawks have what it takes? This is the first time they have trailed by a 2 goal deficit in a Vancouver series. Sunday night has now become a must win. The Hawks didn't fair so well in the last must win game.
Tell me what you liked, what you didn't like, or how badly Hossa, Campbell or Keith pissed you off.
Goodnight for now.


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  • The canucks d are standing up at the blueline and pounding anything that tries to cross it. The forwards are backchecking hard and the hawks refuse to dump and chase. Consequently, no transition game.

    Pleased with the effort, can't ask for anything more. Hawks made it close, but 'hawks "lite" are no match physically. The team is spent, IMO.

  • For those who can't get a full game feed, try your neighbors to the North.
    CBC has live streaming of many of the games.


  • In reply to fourfeather:

    Mr. Feather,

    I've tried that option back when the season was very young and it doesn't fly. "Available only in Canada" I do believe is error that is returned.


  • Well, at one point late in the game, the thought occurred to me that if Dallas had won instead of choking, we wouldn't be forced to watch the Hawks get systematically taken apart piece by piece. I'm not really pissed per se, it's just painful to watch. Toews, to me, looks hurt or simply exhausted from carrying this team on his back. Sharp does not look 100%. Hossa continues to run puck protection clinics that almost never result with the puck getting on net, Kane is getting abused by the Canucks and is looking kinda bitchy trying to get calls from refs and Keith is looking really bad. Ben Smith is a surprising bright spot. I like they way he seems to sniff an opportunity to be in scoring position.

    When it comes right down to it though, what does Q really have left to work with? Two years in a row, the Hawks have sent the Nucks to an early tee time. Not only are the Hawks no longer a deep team, they are facing a very stacked and well integrated Canucks team that looks so focused on the ice right now that I doubt the really care who they are playing. When this series is done, I'm sure they will enjoy the fact they sent the Hawks packing. Until then, they look like they are ready to come out and pummell anyone they play into submission. The Hawks did some good things tonight, but Vancouver did better things. I don't think the Hawks are giving these games away, they are flat out getting beat. Right now, I expect them to win at least one on home ice, but not much else.

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