One game at a time? Hawks try to avoid a Canuck's sweep.

I meant to post this earlier, and as a result it will be a bit shorter. Take it one game a time. If the Hawks look at tonight's game as a fight to avoid the sweep they might be able to pull off a win, which would be great from my standpoint. So, win tonight, avoid the sweep and take the next game as it comes. Win that game just to make the series look a bit more interesting, and then you know what? It is interesting at that point. Then Vancouver becomes a bit nervous and maybe it rattles them enough to throw them off their game. But I am getting ahead of myself, just take it one game at a time.

I originally thought it unnecessary to play Bolland. Why risk it? Im still not sure how I feel about it. If he really wasn't ready for Sunday's game, why is he so much better today? Seems like the risk is just too high. Then I find out that Seabrook is out.
Should Torres have been suspended? I think the hit was a bit across the line (hell yes). A hit to the head is a hit to the head, and it is far worse when the opponent doesn't see you coming. Torres knew exactly what he was doing and he should be deterred from doing it in the future. It has been said by many that if Seabrook stayed down longer that things might have gone differently and that just kind of makes me sick. Look, it isn't easy to hit a guy as big a Seabrook in the head before any other part of his body. While the hit might not obviously break any rules according to the powers that be, I still ask about the fact that Seabrook did not see it coming and had not touched the puck yet.
And now we are without Seabrook. My "take it one game at a time" mentality becomes a little less optimistic now. In a physical series, being out our best physical presence is scary. Can a newly "healthy" Bolland make the difference? I sure hope so, and Bickell returns too. Seabrook's loss makes his physical game a must. 
The other thing that is a must to avoid the sweep is a beyond stellar performance from Keith. Not only can he not suck like he has, but he has to give one of his best games ever. I feel confident in Campoli's ability to step up, and Hjammer's, maybe Leddy has it in him too, though I worry about Campbell. I know that Keith has to be big.
Hell, maybe Hossa decides to show up.
Go Hawks!


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  • Great game boys! Hawks smoked those guys. And talk about a heroic performance by Dave Bolland. still a long way to go, but they stopped the bleeding and re-gained a foothold on the series. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just a great win.

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