Luongo gets chased out of his net 2 games in a row as the Blackhawks cruise to a 5 - 0 win.

It does not get much better than this. A 3-0 series gets turned into a 3-2 series seemingly overnight and our home team has stolen momentum on the way back home to live another day. Screw living, this team is now thriving. Crawford was brilliant, actually perfect, Hossa scored Twice (finally learning to lift the puck), Keith scored twice (almost 3 times), power-play goals, aggressive penalty kills, Luongo is hurting mentally,  and captain Toews was soaring high. Mostly, everything went right with the exception of a few Vancouver cheap shots without calls.

Nice to see Dunc Norris back, man it took a while and apparently a blow to his buddies head to wake up, but watching Keith on top of his game is a sight to see. I forgot just how good actually. We all knew the defense had to step up and be the difference and as of now, they look as good as they sound on paper. There is a lot to wrap up about this one and so many implications as a result, but the late hour is proving a worthy adversary. I will sleep a happy fan for another night. Check back early morrow for a full game recap.
Feel free to leave your post game comments and celebratory words down below.
Crawford, you beast!

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  • All I can say is...WOW! Once again you guys find a way to mentally turn Vancouver inside out. They have gone from considering a sweep and some long awaited redemption to, "Who do we start in net on Sunday!"

    Very entertaining!

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    Classic pic!

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    That picture says it all. Perfect!

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    I was open jaw stunned after the end of this game. Yeah, there were some Hawks mistakes, and Scott did not look good at all. Still, this was another incredible game. Cautiously optmistic is where I stand now. Even if the Hawks lose this series, they will have damaged the nucks. One game at a time.

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    God I love this. On the ropes, Nuk fans frothing to show who is boss, and the Hawks just kick the shit out of them on their ice. Hossa was a bull again and Keith, well, HH nailed it. I forgot how good he is. After dominating Tuesday the Hawks upped it another level and that level is truly stunning.

    TEAM one game at a time. GO HAWKS

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    Go Hawks!

    Would love to see Hawks vs Wings match-up. Healthy rivalry makes for good hockey. Besides, I think I would rather see the Hawks repeat than see the East win the Cup. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Stevie Y's new team win.

    Oh. one more thing. GO WINGS!

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    If the Hawks do come out of this, they will get to play another grudge match with a team they sent packing last year, The Sharks.

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    That is IF San Jose wins. As we are seeing in this Hawks/Nucks aint over till its over!

    I don't care who my team to gets but I wouldnt be upset if we got first crack at the Sharks. We gift wrapped a series for them last year and I would like to right that wrong. We are in a little better shape this time around (with added rest) and I would enjoy smashing them in 4 games too!

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    John Scott is the peacemaker. As long as he's protecting Crawford as he smothers the puck, the Canucks stop and turn away. His skills are weak but he made a good puck retrieval in his own zone last night that was worthy of a compliment.

    The Hawks have crushed the Canucks will to live, their spirit is broken again. Hard to believe it's such a mental game for out neighbors to the North. I'm happily surprised how when push comes to shove they turtle like that.

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