Trouble In Texas. Blackhawks get beat up on by the Stars 5-0.

Trouble In Texas. Blackhawks get beat up on by the Stars 5-0.

It did not matter who was in net tonight for the Hawks, the puck was getting by. Not only the puck, but Dallas skaters had a nack for sneaking past the Hawk's D-men as well. This was a brutal one to watch, and I tried to watch as little as possible. In the end it was a 5 - 0 loss to a huge competitor right after winning a huge game against the Sharks. A loss of 2 crucial points (as crucial as it gets) at the hands of way too many odd-man rushes and a non-existent power play. The Hawks started short a player. Bickell was a scratch due to illness, and neither Bolland or Campbell returned to the line-up. Expect Campbell soon, especially given this loss, but Bolland could be gone for some time.

The start off the game looked promising for the Hawks. They actually looked like the better team for a good part of the game, if you minus all of the really dumb mistakes. Where they skated well, they made a mistake and caused a turnover, much of them at the hands of the D with the maybe the exception of Campoli and Hjammer. But I could be wrong, because frankly, I was not trying to watch too much of this downer. No matter how you look at it, the turnovers started early, and the defensive breakdowns followed.
The Hawks had a few chances to score first and just missed the mark. One such chance resulted in a breakaway for Dallas after Seabrook pinched too far up and didn't make sure he was in the passing lane. You would think a guy who is notorious for making those long outbreak passes would see it coming. Ott made sure to burry his chance and Dallas went up 1 - 0.
The Hawks had a strong PK early on which was promising and almost scored shortly after. This was a great chance for Kane to tie the game and notch number 101, but he missed all alone in the slot and shortly later a little deja-vu happened when the Hawk's D got caught deep again and gave up a 2 on 1 rush. Kane was fumbling the puck all night, and like Konroyd said, "Dallas' top players were better than the Hawk's top players." Plain and simple.
It took a 3 on 2 rush for Dallas to end Crawford's night pretty early which made it a 3 - 0 game. Not Crawford's fault, the Hawks were standing around a lot at this point and the shot was a well placed one-timer. I decided to throw all my eggs in one basket and declare a Hawk's goal, knowing that if the Hawks did not score late in the 2nd or early in the 3rd the game was over. They brought pressure making it seem like there was hope, but it just ended in another Dallas breakaway. The only difference was that Turco stopped this one with a brilliant glove save. Okay, maybe the Hawks could build something off that save? Nope, Dallas scored early in the 3rd putting the game away for good. Turco got a little over confident and tried to make one of his saucer passes from the far boards, sending it right at a Dallas player who promptly put it in the net.
The Hawks saw life in a 4 minute power play. Unfortunately, Keith doesn't only want to play sloppy hockey, he also wants to be really frustrated and take a bad penalty. What blows my mind though is how Ott did not get a penalty for attacking Keith after Keith ruffed up his teammate. Ott jumped him. It doesn't really matter because this was not the Hawk's game at any point anyway.
It is a shame to lose here. Nashville won their game, Phoenix won their game, and if the Kings and Sharks end the night victorious, the Hawks are looking at a night about as bad as it gets. There is no way they can fall out of a playoff spot on this day, but with a couple days off, the Hawks could be looking from the outside in by Sunday when they take on Phoenix. 
The Hawk's fate is in their own hands. I am personally really hard pressed to say anything anymore. It has been mentioned that the depth is an issue and who can argue that. They need their core in-tact and playing well to make the playoffs. For now, I am tired. Expect a post in the very near future that goes a bit further into all things Hawks.

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  • This week had me worried because the Hawks usually play their worst hockey when they have a light schedule. Tonight was no exception. This looked like one of those games they played back in January when nothing could go right for them.

    I think the only thing they should take from this game is to watch the video of how the Stars run a super-aggressive PK. I'd so much rather have the Hawks take their chances playing aggressive like that than to sit back in the box and wait to be scored on.

    Let's put this one in the past as fast as possible and move on.

  • In reply to iplagitr:

    I agree Guitar. This was one of those games where it is hard to talk about afterwards. Im sure they felt a lot of shame in that locker room.

    But you take the lessons where you can, and the power play could have been the difference last night. They had enough of them to do enough damage to change the course of the game, and the way Dallas shut them down was how the Hawks used to do it. This is where not having Bolland becomes a bigger factor. He is extremely aggressive. I say let him dictate how the PK is run in the future. The trick to killing PP's is that the other team gets comfortable, and if you can outskate them in those moments, and win races to pucks then you become successful.

    Bolland's loss is also felt in his creation of space for Hossa to be more successful. Campbell's biggest contribution is eating up minutes. We have seen time and time again how playing Keith too much has very negative results. He might be playing his worst hockey of the season in these past few games with Campbell out.

    The good news is that the Hawks are still in this and can be big in the playoffs.

  • In reply to iplagitr:

    Guitar is right. Put it behind and move on. It was bound to happen at some point.
    Injuries are taking their toll, I think. Bolland and Campbell are key cogs in the 'hawks machine.

    My notes form the game are this. Crawford schooled Q on coaching when the two were together in the AHL and with Colorado. Crawford knows how to beat Q and that was clearly evidenced last night. Pressure the D at both ends and the result was turnovers. Crawford always has a high forward and, like Q, looks for that breakout pass. They beat a less than stellar 'hawk team at their own game. Capitalized on their chances and game over.

    One thing I've noticed is the need for the 'hawks to score first and set the tempo. San Jose aside, that's been the best formula for them in the last month. Get the lead and up the tempo. For whatever reason they didn't get that goal last night

  • In reply to iplagitr:

    Well, that was an absolute beat down and I wasn't popular for saying this last year, but if they are going to lose because they are cutting corners, I would prefer to see them lose big enough to come back ready to kill the next time they play. Other blogs around today have asked some very pointed questions about why they ran a short bench. Bickell is probably not the difference last night, but to me, they have no hope of doing anything post season unless Bolland and Campbell are back.

    The meltdown of both Keith and Seabrook is troubling, it's no longer isolated. We know these guys don't suck but they have been making some very bad decisions. When this team is moving fast, like they were against SJ, they take away the other team's physical advantage. First period last night, I thought they actually looked pretty decent. But, once they gave up that third goal, I knew that was it. Right now, I don't think there is anything more important to this team than getting to the playoffs and getting back Bolland and Campbell. Ultimately, I also think someone from Rockford has got to come up to play D. On any given night, there can be different things wrong, but there is not magic bullet that I can see. IF they get healthy and IF the get into the tourny, THEN they may have something.

  • In reply to nklhd12:

    I too thought the answer was a call up from the Icehogs till I went to capgeek. With only $93K in cap space, there's not much to be done other than to wait it out.


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