Like a swift punch in the face the Hawks lose in Boston

The Hawks had to give more last night than they should have had to given the way they started the game. Outplaying Detroit, they let the game get into OT. As a result, a tired Hawks team took the ice tonight. Not showing yet in the early minutes, although Boston did have the better of the chances in the first period, exhaustion had set in and Crawford would be the only Hawk worth talking about by game's end.

Crawford was huge early on more than a handful of chances for Boston. He kept the Hawks tied for half of the game. The Hawk's D found themselves a bit sleepy on a few plays and Crawford was there. He was there on a breakaway against and he was there when Boston bombarded the net time and time again. The shots were 8-0 before the Hawks would get a break in the form of a power-play. They get a good chance but can't jam it home. Otherwise, the PP was weak. Another PP had similar results later in the game.
The Bruin's D were reading our shots well, and many never got to Thomas who ended up being perfect when called upon, though he was not called upon often. Where Boston's D was tight, the Hawk's D was getting beat. In fact, it would be the Bruin's pointmen that would be the cause of the first 2 goals.
Probably the most tired player out there, Hossa gave his best early on. His line was the product of the best offensive pressure in the first half. I thought Hossa was trying to do too much though, and eventually his battery ran out. Sloppy plays followed  and I turned hope to the Toews Line to get something going. The fact that Toews and Kane couldn't find the flow might be one of the largest factors to the butt kicking tonight. They were about as weak as they have been in recent weeks.
There were a few chances here and there, and I even had hope that the stellar play of Crawford would buy enough time for the Hawks to steal it away, but the Hawks just didn't have enough. A critique on Q would be that he did not use the 4th line enough early given that his top guys were obviously fatigued. I thought Stalberg might have been more useful on the first line instead of Brouwer who seemed lost all night.
Into the second and again, for a time Crawford kept it tied, but as it usually does, the constant pressure of Boston payed off. The Hawks had trouble getting the puck out of their zone and eventually that puck found its way behind Crawford. Off of Campbell's knee compliments of a Chara shot, this shot and the next Boston goal seemed to have eyes. Not winning faceoffs killed the Hawks again and after Boston went up 2-0 the Hawks just gave up and got super lazy. The rest was brutal to watch. 
I have not seen the Hawks skate this flat and dead for some time. They couldn't reward Crawford for his strong play, and the loss in Anaheim now looks even worse. Only winning 1 of their last 3, and that one in OT, the Hawks are not at their best right now. The missing Sharp and Bolland are hurting too much. With the way things look and 6 games remaining the Hawks need to be great and win 4 of those 6 in the least. They may even need more if Dallas or Calgary decides to put a late winning streak together.
Surprisingly, the shots ended up close, but the quality is were it counts. Maybe even more surprising is that the Hits count favored the Hawks 23 to 17. Again, it was the quality of hits that mattered most, and nothing about the Hawk's game had quality written on it. Dallas plays later tonight, and Nashville dropped their lead to Vancouver late. The craziness ensues. 


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  • Well that sucked. I'm so glad I spent $200 and the better part of my day traveling to go see the team play like a bunch of girls tonight. The only redeeming factor was going to a game with my 11-year-old son, but the memory of attending his first Blackhawks game will definitely not be as bright as I hoped. They could have at least scored once for him! HH, you're right on with your wrap. I turned to my son after the first three sluggish and messy shifts and said, "uh-oh, I think we're in big trouble tonight."

    I think the shot count was a little deceiving in the first, since the Hawks had quite a few decent chances that just missed or somehow never got credited as a shot. We thought the Hawks' shot counter was broken on the scoreboard at one point. Still, sitting in the stands, it just never felt like this game was theirs to win. Boston was going to have to give it away for the Hawks to get any points, and that didn't happen. Thomas was outstanding for the B's when challenged.

    Nashville lost and Dallas got one point tonight. So once again, although the Hawks fail to make some breathing room for themselves, they didn't lose much ground either, except to LA.

  • The hawks were beaten by a good defensive team after a grueling game the night before. Let's move forward.

    The supporting cast-or anyone not named toews Kane or hossa-has got to score. The effort is there, the scorer's instinct is not. Attack the net. Hitting the goalie in the chest will not help Dallas and Calgary shrink in the rear view mirror.

    Making the playoffs should be the goal. Anything above 8th place place is gravy. Must wins coming up are Columbus and st Louis. If hawks beat these less skilled teams, splitting with Montreal,
    TB and 2x Detroit will at least

  • ..........Earn them the playoffs. Hawks are good enough to make a run from there. And their young guys will get playoff experience.

  • Going into this game, i thought they needed to take four of the remmaining 7 and that still seems to be the case. The real pain this morning is STILL that loss to the Ducks. From the perspective of an angry fan who will feel embarrassed if they miss the playoffs, I could come up a barrage of complaints about how the played last night. From a more objective perspective, they were gassed. Without the services of Sharp of Bolland, they are easier to contain. After choosing Leddy instead of trying to get a cheaper D man, Q limits his time in big games like Detroit and then his top guys are beat the next day.

    I don't really feel like it's too little too late because even though they have come together better as a team, I still don't think they are playing a top, consistent game. The speed thing is cool to watch right now, but its not going to be enough this year or next if they do not have the conditioning to work everynight. If they finish out the rest of their games with the effort they put up in Detroit, I willl be okay with however it turns out.

  • As bad as they played, there were still a few chances at steeling the game away. Scoring on either of their power-plays, especially the first changes everything. I agree whole heartedly with icehogst about the scoring mentality. If your tired going in, you know there has to be some early goals, and the Hawks just threw pucks at the net. With the exception of Kopecky, no one seemed to take time looking for the holes. Lots of blind shots at the net to which Boston saw coming a mile away. There are ways to win games when your tired, and the Hawks didn't play any of those games.

    Nashville lost and Dallas tied so nothing was severely lost last night, just a chance to gain some insurance and have a chance at the 6th spot. The Hawks should practice shooting on net until then.

  • Not being an apologist for the 'hawks, but it was apparent from the get-go the legs just weren't there. I was quite surprised it was still scoreless half way through the tilt. I thought if Toews could have scored on that partial break down the right side a few minutes before Chara scored it might have been a different outcome.

    Icehogst makes a critical point as well, if they don't soon start getting some secondary scoring it will be over soon enough.

    I'm not losing any sleep over this game, as I have given up on any seeding higher than seventh. I can now relax and watch the team play and only be concerned with those below us in the standings. Huge game tonight

  • Seriously? The Blues go to double-digits over the Wings tonight!???!?! What next?

  • In reply to iplagitr:

    Maybe OneTeam can answer that, Gitr!

  • In reply to fourfeather:

    Well said, FF!

  • In reply to iplagitr:

    I literally needed the words to describe it and had to go to my thesaurus for help. Here are a few words that seemed fitting: pathetic, deplorable, distressing, feeble, inadequate, meager, miserable, paltry, pitiful, sorry, useless, worthless, wretched, mortifying, perplexing, puzzling, shameful, troublesome, uncomfortable, unseemly, upsetting and worrisome. (Just to name a few)

    But if you ask that idiot Zetterberg, they will just "put this one behind them". Yeah, do that. Don

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    Calgary loses and still trails by 3 points but has played 2 more games. This is pleasing. Dallas plays San jose tonight. Go antti.

    Does anyone have an explanation for st Louis 10 Detroit 3?

  • In reply to jorput:

    We all said the Hawks were gassed after Monday's game in Detroit, but apparently that same contest took even a greater toll on Wings' organization(!).

    It's too bad the Hawks have been going through this slump -- the race to win the Central should could (should) be a lot closer right now.

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