Hawks in Florida Tonight - Game Preview

There is not much to say that has not been said already. Vegas had this to say, "Collectively, I think we all make some pretty good observations on the team and recently, I'm hard pressed to say the team hasn't been playing in a way that addressed all the things we were complaining about. Q has stopped the schizo line changes, the ice time is better balanced and they actually have something that resembles a system. From here, I really think hunger is going to be a huge part of it, and the guys are currently looking pretty hungry." I could not have said it better myself, so I didn't even try. It is really exciting to see the current run the Hawks have put together and one would hate to see it end against a team like the Panthers. We said all they needed was a good streak and BAM, here ya go.


This current 4 game road trip started off great with a hard fought win in Toronto. Tonight's 6:30 game (if you reside in Chicago) is obviously the easiest of the 4. Florida is suffering at just 61 points, but I bet Jack of all Skilles is out there trying to cause a fuss tonight. After which, the Hawks head over to Tampa and then to Washington. Not that the Hawks won't take those 2 games, but you would kinda like to see them win the easy one here and now. 

Toews is looking at things from the correct perspective, take things 1 game at a time. Forget about the streak, just focus on the game at hand. If the Hawks do that, they should pick up a win. Speaking of which, has anyone seen the new promos for the playoffs, many of which feature the Hawks and Mr. Toews himself? Quite interesting . In case you haven't, go to NHL.com and check out the "History will be made" tab. With the Hawks scoring 20 goals in the last 4 games, I expect great things against the rarely seen Florida Panthers. Hopefully Frolik can keep his scoring up with a few against his old team.

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