Holy Jumping Predators Batman, Hossa Scored on a Goalie to help lift the Hawks to a 3-0 Win.


My wife told me that I should buy a lottery ticket because Hossa scored on a breakaway. Might not be a bad idea with the Hawks being on a roll and everything. Maybe what transpired in the St. Louis locker room was actually the turning point for the Hawks. Strolling into Predator territory is never a welcomed event for them, but with the help of a super strong performance in net by Mr. Corey Crawford, and a newly found ability to use the bench to the Hawk's advantage, this game ended in nothing but smiles for Chicago fans.

Crawford made 31 saves in the win and the biggest of them came late in the game that ended up causing a 6 way tie in the West. As of now, the Hawks are tied in points with teams such as Minnesota (Monday nights opponent), LA, Dallas, Calgary, and their rival from tonight. These six teams stem from 5th place to 10th place, and Anaheim is only 1 game behind that bunch. Things could not get crazier.
Since it is late, and I watched the game at a bar which left some moments fuzzier than others, I feel it appropriate to highlight the finer points of the game. First the bad: The Hawks were severely out hit once again. 36 - 16 were the totals. They also missed some really big chances against a goalie who rarely allows chances to score. Luckily, there are more good points, and Rinne allowed Hossa to score on him.
The good: This was a great game to watch. Both teams fought hard for the 2 points, and the Hawks showed a sense of urgency, and determination. They played a great 3rd period with the lead, until the final moments when Nashville had the pedal through floor of the car. I was on the edge of my seat watching Crawford stop big chances one after another.
More good: Did I mention Hossa scored? Well so did Kopecky, and as the extra attacker during a delayed penalty wouldn't you know. It was a shimmer of positive vibes, especially after missing a few chances. Due to Crawford's play, 1 would be enough. If Hossa can make the 2nd goal of the night a turning point in his offensive game, maybe , just maybe, this team has some possibilities in the playoffs.
Maybe the best stat of the night was in ice-time. Stalberg was the only player below 10 minutes of play. I can't for the life of me remember the last time that happened. Keith was at a calm 22 minutes, played a great game as a result and the 4th line was a force to be reckoned with. Kudos to the coaching staff for realizing that they can use more than 6 players in the game. If they keep it up, I see this 4th line having lots of success. The most surprising in these new changes was Hendry racking up almost 19 minutes of ice. Way to go Q. Hendry might not be the biggest hitting player on the team, but his speed and shear-footedness makes him a great asset to the win column.
Frolik had another strong performance, but remains without a goal in his last 29 games. Yikes.
The Hawks stayed out of the box (a big factor in winning games this year), they played the full game, they hustled, they cycled, they seemed to care, and they won as a result. Lets just see how far this roll can go. On to two more big games Sunday and Monday. 
What was your favorite moment of this game?


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  • I'll confirm the rumor, Hossa(I finally used his name)scored with a goalie in net. The lad from Montreal was a pillar of strength in net.The Kopecky goal was a beautiful tic-tac-toe passing play from Toews to Sharp who placed the puck perfectly for the streaking from the bench Kopecky. Keith and Leddy together looked great. Finally, was it just me or was that ice in bad shape?

  • Beaver,
    Yeah, that puck was bouncing quite a bit. Nice point. Still, both teams seemed to be skating well.

    Also, nice comment on the Kopecky goal. It was very pretty.

    Thanks for confirming the rumor, I still have problems remembering.

  • Went to a movie and watched the game later. What d'ya know, a huge win. Great team effort against the pesky Preds. I guess my favorite moment was watching how well the team back checked.

    Good to see they appear to be settling on four lines and rolling them with much more consistency. If they play like that from here on they should have no problem gaining a playoff berth. With so many teams so tightly contesting the playoff spots I think there's bound to be some tie-breakers this year. Last night's win in regulation won the season series against the Preds. Big news if they tie in the standings.

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