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The Blackhawks Grab 2 points, but give the Coyotes 1 in the process.

I love how different the game looks from the 300 level at the UC then from the couch in my living room. So many things become clearer and the big plays that happen outside of the camera’s watch can shed light on a player’s significance from game to game. The most prominent thing about the... Read more »


Since I am a huge Antti Niemi fan, and since the loss of his contract left me feeling a small hole in my heart, I figured it worthy to update everyone on his performance this year. After having a rough start which could have been expected given his situation, Niemi has turned the corner and... Read more »

Holy Jumping Predators Batman, Hossa Scored on a Goalie to help lift the Hawks to a 3-0 Win.

My wife told me that I should buy a lottery ticket because Hossa scored on a breakaway. Might not be a bad idea with the Hawks being on a roll and everything. Maybe what transpired in the St. Louis locker room was actually the turning point for the Hawks. Strolling into Predator territory is never... Read more »

Can the Blackhawks make this the Turning Point?

This season has been ridden with ups and downs. You could say the only thing the Hawks are consistent at is not being consistent. Never too many wins in a row, never too many losses, a true to nature .500 team. And yet on paper, this team seems well beyond only playing .500 hockey. There... Read more »

Leadership on President's day

Well, after completely forgetting about today being president’s day, I missed the first five minutes of the game. Considering there wasn’t a SOG for either team until 6:30 into the game, I’m assuming I didn’t miss too much. Lately, we have all been commenting on the lack of oomph from this team, and wile I... Read more »

Hawks Win, but it took a Shootout.

I am glad to see the Hawks grab the 2 points today, but I feel more unhappy about the performance than positive. The reason being that we saw too much of the same old story. Hawks start great, dominate for a good 10-15 minutes and then let the other team back in the game, blow... Read more »

To be or not To be? Where will this season end up?

The Wild game was the make it or break it game for me. I never gave that kind of weight to the Columbus game. I guess I just keep expecting the Hawks to build off of a win. They have been overdue for a winning streak since, well, the beginning of this season. As Beaver... Read more »

Columbus Prevails Over the Hawks 4-3 at the United Center.

There was only 1 shot during the first 5 minutes of play. Pretty shocking given that the game ended with 76 shots on net. 40 for the Hawks, 36 for the Jackets. Sure, the Hawks gave 40 shots to Mason, but it was not rolling for the Hawks once again. I can not believe that... Read more »

The Blackhawks Pick Up a Big Win Against the Wild.

Let me set the scene here before moving on. First home game after an unpleasant road trip, the Hawks are playing the Wild who are 3 points ahead fighting for the same playoff spot, Q is out resting in a hospital, and Kane is suffering from the flu. There are 2 big points at stake.... Read more »

PuckPowWow has Moved!

Welcome to PuckPowWow’s new home. ChicagoNow has made PuckPowWow part of their wonderful world of blogging. This will undoubtedly lead to more readers, and more additions to the opinions expressed about Blackhawk’s hockey. I wanted to take this moment to thank all of you readers out their who have visited and read the posts that... Read more »