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Obama Misspells Libya on Twitter Feed

-By Warner Todd Huston So, not only has Obama turned a deaf ear to the dozens getting killed in Libya by their own mad dictator, but when the White House Twitter feed finally did decide to discuss the country it spelled the name of the place incorrectly. Seriously, White House? “Lybia”? Sounds like something that... Read more »

Twitter Accounts for the Illinois GOP Congressional Delegation

-By Warner Todd Huston Yesterday, I announced a Twitter List of all the freshman GOP congressmen. There you can find the Twitter feed of all the new GOP senators and house reps. Today we have all the Twiter feeds of the Illinois GOP delegation. You can find the full list here : Senate: Mark... Read more »

The Twitter List of GOP Freshman in Congress

The Twitter List of GOP Freshman in Congress
-By Warner Todd Huston Want to know what all the GOP freshmen in the House of Representatives and the Senate are twittering about? Well, with this list you can tune into the Twitter feed of each of them and find out what is going on minute by minute. Well, OK, not exactly minute-by-minute but at... Read more »

Want to See Some Hate From America's Left-Democrats?

-By Warner Todd Huston The left is filled with vitriol and hate. The American left despises anyone that disagrees with them. The American left hates the Constitution because it stands in its way to remake America in its own image. The American left practices the politics of personal destruction. The American left has called for... Read more »

Ram Emanuel Running for Mayor of Chicago!

Sarah Palin 'Tweets' Huston Story

-By Warner Todd Huston OK, excuse me if this sounds a bit like a fan-boy post, but Sarah Palin herself tweeted to her “tweeps” my story on the AP’s constant covering for Democrats. Now, some may scoff at my claim that it was Sarah herself that did it. But for all the investigating that people... Read more »