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Cook County Commish Tony Peraica: Protecting Your Hard-Earned Tax Dollars

From the office of Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica… Update on Our Efforts at Tax Relief and Ethics Reforms I wanted to take this chance to update you on important developments in county government. I am pleased to announce that the county finance committee recently passed a series of reforms to the Cook County Ethics... Read more »

Town Hall Meeting on Local Flooding: 10 a.m. Sat., La Grange Village Hall

From the office of Tony Peraica, Cook County Commissioner… You are invited to join me tomorrow for a town hall meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. at LaGrange Village Hall to discuss local village flooding and local governmental efforts to provide relief to local residents and families. WHEN: Tomorrow, Saturday, July 31, 2010 — 10 a.m.... Read more »

Another Stroger Appointment on the Backs of Taxpayers

From Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica… Earlier today, in another direct insult to the county taxpayers — Todd Stroger and his administration put forth yet another campaign official from their failed primary campaign to join the county payroll as a $60,000 paid labor consultant. It is high time for the Stroger administration to stop granting... Read more »

Video: Peraica Explains the 'Borrowing Scheme' of Cook County Board

Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica provides an update from the April 6, 2010 Cook County Board meeting. On tap is a discussion of Cook County property tax assessments, as well as a massive borrowing scheme involving the issuance of $740 million in bonds. Needless to say, Commissioner Peracia opposes this corrupt bargain.