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Holding the Line on Spending, Driving Cuts

From the office of Illinois GOP House Minority Leader Tom Cross… As we wrapped up the regular spring legislative session this week, Illinois House Republicans drove the General Assembly to a balanced budget by only allowing the Governor to spend money that we estimate we will receive in revenues next year. That number is $33.2... Read more »

Dems Deny Vote on Fair Map Proposal; Shun Public Input in Favor of Partisan Map

From the office of Ill. GOP Minority House Leader Tom Cross… In a stunning reversal of their oft-repeated pledge to lead an open and transparent redistricting process, House and Senate Democrats introduced a brand new partisan legislative map late yesterday which was different from the one publicly released last week. This bait-and-switch follows weeks of... Read more »

Illinois State Legislators Try to Explain to Fox Business Network Why Ill. Is Going Bankrupt

FOX Business Network (FBN) has been airing a series called, “Entitlement Nation: Makers vs. Takers.” The last episode will feature a special focus on two of the biggest entitlement programs in the country: Social Security and Medicare. FBN will interview Illinois House GOP leader Tom Cross and State Treasurer Dan Rutherford to examine how entitlements... Read more »

Illinois Going to Pot? GOP Leader Now Supporting Medical Marijuana Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston The Illinois Family Institute is a bit worried over the about face that House GOP Leader Tom Cross has made on HB 30, a bill that includes legalizing medical marijuana sales in Illinois. On April 15, Fox News Chicago reported that Cross switched from a “no” vote to “yes” because he... Read more »

House Redistricting Hearings Underway Around State

From the office of Tom Cross, Ill. GOP leader… A series of public hearings on the redrawing of Illinois House district boundaries are underway this week, including today in Aurora, East St. Louis and Elgin (see below for a list of locations, dates and times). The hearings will provide residents with a platform to provide... Read more »

Ill GOP House News

From Ill. GOP House Leader Tom Cross… Years of advocating for fiscally conservative and responsible budgeting by members of the House Republican caucus finally seems to be resonating with leading Democrats in the House. Wednesday, House Republican Leader Tom Cross testified alongside House Speaker Michael Madigan before the House Elementary and Secondary Appropriations and the... Read more »

Republican Leader Cross Sponsors Bi-Partisan Resolution Spending Control Measure

From the Office of Rep. House Leader Tom Cross… HR110 unanimously passed Illinois House today Springfield….Rep. Tom Cross (R- Plainfield) is sponsoring House Resolution 110, which creates a framework for Fiscal Year 2012 budget negotiations based upon the adoption of realistic revenue projections; setting the table for lawmakers to identify realistic cuts and prevent excessive... Read more »

Tom Cross Intentionally Misleading on SB600

-By Warner Todd Huston For years now thousands of rank and file Republicans have been trying to get SB600 passed in Springfield. This bill would allow us regular, lowly voters to actually vote for our GOP leadership on the GOP State Central Committee. Unfortunately, Republican voters are not allowed to vote for their own leadership... Read more »

ILL. GOP Demotes Two That Voted for Giant Pensions Loan

-By Warner Todd Huston Two of the three Republicans that broke with party leadership and voted in favor of the Democrats idea to take out a massive loan to shore up the union pensions of state employees have been demoted from their party positions. Danville area Representative Bill Black had his role as deputy minority... Read more »

Rep. Biggins Votes for Illinois Pension Bailout, Should he be Thrown out of GOP Caucus?

-By Warner Todd Huston State Representative Bob Biggins (R, Elmhurst) was one of two Republicans to vote yes on a bill to borrow $3.7 billion to shore up state pension funds this week. The vote caused tongues to wag that the retiring representative was offered a job or some other goodies by the Illinois Democrats... Read more »