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New 'Reality' TV Show To Focus On Race for 2012 Election

-By Warner Todd Huston An interesting ad has recently appeared at the New York Craig’s List website which shows exactly how the left will be framing the upcoming 2012 presidential election. The ad asks for a family that represents “racial minorities” to be pitted against a family of “white conservatives.” It’s pretty clear they intend... Read more »

Being Shaken Down by Race Baiters? Call PimpBusters

Is your business being shaken down by race baiters? Email

Union Chief Tries to Steal Civil Rights Movement

-By Warner Todd Huston A few weeks ago AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka used the Civil Rights movement as a comparison for his union work. He wanted his audience to imagine that unionism is somehow just like the struggles for equality under the law that African Americans sought in the middle of last century. This is... Read more »

The Beginning of the End of The Race Card?

We are seeing it more and more: black Americans decrying other blacks for throwing the race card. Here is a great and encouraging video of Congressman elect Allen West talking about the issue with Juan Williams on Fox News. (H/T

Harvard Sick of All Those Old White Guys

-By Warner Todd Huston The Boston Globe is all aflutter that Harvard University is adding “diversity” to its portraits of celebrated professors, teachers, and associates. The paper is pleased to report that instead of only having upon its walls all those boring, evil, dead white men, now Harvard will be adding black men, black women,... Read more »

Rick Sanchez And The Showbiz Third Rail

-By Warner Todd Huston Bob Parks of Black&Right is talking about that “third rail” of the entertainment industry: them Joooos. Bob is a bit mystified as to why it’s such a no-no to say that the entertainment industry is filled with folks of the Talmud? Unless Jews are hired into the business based primarily on... Read more »

Al Sharpton's Followers Call Whites 'The Devil,' Al Says, 'Don't Worry About it'

-By Warner Todd Huston Al Sharpton is all about stopping the “hate,” isn’t he? At least that’s what he always claims. So how did he react when his own supporters started calling white people “the devil” when a BBC reporter was interviewing him several years ago? He said whites should “ignore it” and “don’t worry... Read more »

Bob Parks: In Search of People of Color

Where are the people of color at the 9/12 March in Washington D.C.? Well, the media always says that there are no African Americans, no Hispanics, no Asians that frequent the Tea Party-styled protests anywhere in America. So, Bob Parks took the occasion to do a little hunting for some at the Freedom Works 9/12... Read more »

Called on the Carpet: Obama's New WH Rug Muffs History

-By Warner Todd Huston He grew up in Indonesia, his father was a Kenyan, and he’s been fighting the perception that he isn’t much of an American since he became a nationally known entity. Unfortunately for President Obama, his redecoration of the Oval Office is not helping by making him seem just as ignorant about... Read more »

Atlanta Post: Obama's Not Black Enough

-By Warner Todd Huston In the if-a-white-guy-said-it department, a black oriented website called The Atlanta Post is featuring a piece by Yvette Carnell headlined, “Obama’s Achilles Heel: He’s Not African-American,” in which Carnell decides that Obama is failing because he isn’t really black enough to make it all work. Further Carnell asserts that Obama can’t... Read more »