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Calif Union Chief Says You Taxpayers are Selfish and Full of 'Envy'

-By Warner Todd Huston You taxpayers should be ashamed of yourselves, says Art Pulaski, executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation. You big, selfish jerks should be happy to pay the taxes that gives government employees all healthcare practically for free and allows them to retire at 50 with their comfortable 40-year-long retirement pensions that... Read more »

Union Killing Local Libraries?

-By Warner Todd Huston In this era of severe budget cuts, layoffs, and job loss, people in the real world are making due with less. Businesses are cutting back and people are hurting everywhere in this era of Obama. Local governments are also starting to find this economic climate challenging. But even as local budgets... Read more »

Union Paid for By YOUR Tax Dollars Calls YOU a 'Tea Bagger'

A government employees union just released a very hackneyed and amateurish video attack ad against all you “Tea Baggers” out there. Joe Schoffstall has the story today at Eyeblast.TV. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has released its new cartoon-styled ad showing a cheering section of Republicans marked as “Tea Baggers Section.”

State Pensions are Unsustainable, Taxpayers Left with Huge Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston Once again Bill Zettler has a great piece on the mess that is public employee pensions in Illinois. He makes an extremely relevant point asking the question of why the taxpayers are stuck paying off government worker’s pensions to the tune of billions while the employees themselves only have to pay... Read more »

Our 'Unions are Bad for America' Theme is Resonating

-By Warner Todd Huston For those of you that have come to the blog often, there is a constant theme: unions are antithetical to good government. We’ve been saying this here for years, of course, but over this campaign season I think that meme is beginning to gain real traction because stories echoing this sentiment... Read more »

Unions' Big Shift to Government

-By Warner Todd Huston Unionism is failing miserably in this age of a greater world market and an increase in competition for business across the globe. More nations than ever have left behind the 18th century and are taking bold steps into a world made smaller by technology. No longer is but a handful of... Read more »