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Chicago Cops/Firemen Retire as Millionaires

-By Warner Todd Huston There really is no excuse for any public servant to retire with a pension worth $1.3 million dollars of the people’s tax money. None. But that is precisely what happens in the City of Chicago according to Chicago’s Civic Committee. Crain’s Greg Hinz reports that the Civic Commission sent an email... Read more »

GOP Guvs Ready to Take on Greedy Public Employee Unions

-By Warner Todd Huston This is a story that warms the anti-union cockles of my free-market heart. At the recent meeting of the Republican Governors Association in San Diego those governors gathered made a point to discuss angles of attack to take down the budget-busting, anti-democratic public employees unions. In attendance was the ever present... Read more »

I Want A To Fire All Government Workers

-By Warner Todd Huston [Time to break this one out again…] We conservatives are fond of wanting to oust everyone in office and for wanting to “vote the scoundrels out.” But, I’d like to add one more level to the throw-them-out-of-government arena. Let’s fire every government worker from the smallest village receptionist or sewer worker... Read more »

How Unions Are Destroying California

-By Warner Todd Huston Steve Malanga of City journal has a great piece detailing how California’s public employee unions are destroying that once great state. Malanga starts by repeating the ominous warning to the politicos at the state capitol in Sacramento made by a Service Employees International Union chief. “We helped to get you into... Read more »