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Left-Wing Union H8ters Update

-By Warner Todd Huston Today we have two examples of union thugs acting like, well, union thugs. We have two examples in Ohio and one in Wisconsin, two hotbeds for union whiners of late. The first one is the tale of a leftist protester arrested for calling in a bomb threat to an aviation business... Read more »

Wisc. and Ind. Democrats: Union Cash Driving Democrats to Run and Hide

-By Warner Todd Huston With Democrat state legislators in Wisconsin and now Indiana fleeing their states so that they don’t have to do their job — just call them fleebaggers — it would be easy to assume that Democrats are cowards. If not cowards, then petulant children throwing temper tantrums because voters did not give... Read more »

GOP's Speaker-To-Be Boehner Already Bowing to Democrats in House?

-By Warner Todd Huston Think of this scenario: Your party has been swept into office with the biggest majority in generations. The majority of Americans think the country is on the verge of emergency and want things fixed pronto. And you are poised to become the next Speaker of the House. So what do you... Read more »

Oops. Obama's 'Saved Job' Was Just Lost

-By Warner Todd Huston Oh, it was a thing to be celebrated when Obama’s payoff to the teachers unions back in August “saved” the job of Ohio school teacher Amanda VanNess. It was such a thing of wonder that the big guy flew the elementary school teacher all the way to D.C. for an Oval... Read more »

Ohio's Dem. Gov. Gave Stimulus $$ to Co. That Exported Jobs to El Salvador

-By Warner Todd Huston What was it that Democrat President Barack Obama told us about the stimulus? Oh, yeah that it would “save or create” American jobs. Seems like a good idea, right? So what happened in Ohio when Democrat Governor Ted Strickland got his mitts on some of Obama’s stimulus cash? Why he gave... Read more »

Bloggericide: Ohio Officials Charge Blogger With Campaign Violations

-By Warner Todd Huston Well, folks, this is bound to happen more and more as time rolls onward in this New Media world of ours. A blogger is in trouble with local Ohio officials who are trying to Shut him down using a badly applied campaign finance law all because he has been critical of... Read more »

Ohio Dems Seek Gun Records To Harass Gun Owners

-By Warner Todd Huston In the wake of the new Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment, we have this illuminating story from Ohio and if this isn’t the perfect example of why American gun owners fear detailed firearm owners registration records in the hands of government officials there isn’t one to be had. Ohio’s... Read more »

Ohio's Rep. Kaptur: Coward of The County (Vote Rich Iott)

-By Warner Todd Huston Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur voted yes on the socialist take over of our nation’s helathcare system. She then proudly announced that she’d hold a healthcare townhall back home in Ohio over the break. But then she canceled it. Why? Because she got wind of the fact that a few tea party... Read more »