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Michele Bachmann Is In!

-By Warner Todd Huston Michele Bachmann, a representative from Minnesota, has finally thrown her hat in the ring. As of Monday, June 27, Bachmann made it official in front of a crowd in Waterloo, Iowa. It is no mistake that she did so in Iowa, either, Bachmann has been polling quite well in Iowa coming... Read more »

Romney's Huge Money Advantage

-By Warner Todd Huston A few weeks ago, Herman Cain said that he wasn’t worried about facing Mitt Romney, but he was worried about facing Mitt’s money. Today, Politico reports that Romney has a huge advantage over the other Republican candidates with a campaign war chest they can’t duplicate. If his one-day fundraiser in May... Read more »

Live Tweeting Michelle Bachmann and Others at RightOnLine Morning Session...

Join me as I live Tweet the morning session at RightOnLine going on RIGHT NOW…!/warnerthuston! This morning we’ll hear from Michelle Bachmann, Ed Morrissey, Michelle Malkin, and many more.

Thoughts on the CNN Republican Debate

-By Warner Todd Huston Well the CNN debate of some of the GOP candidates for president is now in the history books and I thought I’d give my impression of those vying there. Before I do that, I have to comment on John King’s constant guttural vocal tick. It sounded like he had Tourette Syndrome... Read more »

The Left's Lying Liars Trying to Smear Michelle Bachmann's Tea Party Response

-By Warner Todd Huston The left’s latest unfair, false, and downright scurrilous attack on Michelle Bachmann focuses on her Tea Party response video aired after President Obama’s State of the Union speech last week. I am a bit late to this story, I realize, but I wanted to get it aired here regardless. The left’s... Read more »

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Endorses Bobby Schilling Bachmann: "It's time to retire Phil Hare."

From the Schilling for Congress campaign (17th District)… EAST MOLINE, IL–Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, received an endorsement from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Bachmann is a second term Congresswoman from the Minnesota 6th District. You can see Bachmann’s endorsement video here. Bachmann has gained national appeal as a principled conservative... Read more »