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Fox Business Network Opens New Studio Overlooking Floor of Chicago Mercantile Exchange

-By Warner Todd Huston Fox Business Network is leaping head first into full time coverage right in the thick of it all at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange with a new CME-based studio booth on the next level up from trading floor itself. Interestingly, this marks as the very first time a financial network will have... Read more »

Obama's Labor Dept. To Create Gov't Sponsored 'Labor News' Agency?

-By Warner Todd Huston What is it called when a government creates a state-sponsored “news” agency, again? Ah yes, it’s called government propaganda. And that is what the Obama administration seems interested in creating if the words of Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis’s senior advisor Carl Fillichio can be believed. On Nov. 19 Fillichio attended... Read more »

Illinois Professor Says Chanting 'USA' is Bellicose Propaganda

-By Warner Todd Huston Oh, you ignorant Americans with your venal patriotic chants of “USA, USA” at sporting events. Your bellicosity isn’t patriotism, it’s propaganda and lowly militarism… so says David Green, University Administrator and member of the University of Illinois Institute of Government & Public Affairs. Green’s poisoned pen letter to American patriots was... Read more »

Michael Moore Caught Stealing Others' Work

-By Warner Todd Huston Filmmaker Michael Moore, famed for his propagandistic left-slanted portrayals of America in such films as Roger and Me, Bowling for Columbine, and Sicko, is under fire for lifting the work of a writer from the Knoxville News Sentinel and reposting it on his own site in total despite that copyright laws... Read more »

Just a Quick Example on How Bad Writing is in the Old Media These Days

-By Warner Todd Huston Here’s how bad writing is in the media. In a Reuters story about unions making concessions is this amusing line: “Under Gettelfinger, the UAW agreed to allow new workers to be hired at about $14 per hour — about half of the $28 base rate for existing autoworkers.” Uh, per my... Read more »

A Wonderful Example of Fascism at Chicagoland Radio and Media Message Board

-By Warner Todd Huston The fascist way that the left deals with opinion differing from its own is just one of the many reasons why the left in America today is so hypocritical. Aside from the oppressive aire of our Universities and colleges no better example of the quashing of opposing views can be seen... Read more »

Media Lets Conn. Dem Slide on Vietnam Lies for Three Decades

-By Warner Todd Huston Ahead of multiple ethics violations Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd is retiring from his long-time Democrat held seat. The Conn. Democrat Party is keen to keep that seat and has proffered Conn. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as the man to do it for them. But, Blumenthal has a tiny little problem: for... Read more »

Liberals Value Good Intentions Above Both Truth and Outcomes

-By Warner Todd Huston Amusingly enough the Washington Post has a blog called PostPartisan. I say amusing because it is obvious that there is nothing “post” partisan about it if a rant against tea partiers by Jonathan Capehart is any indication. He thinks that Obama was speaking to the tea partiers in his latest healthcare... Read more »