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Kinzinger and Kirk's First Order of Business in Congress: Get Spending Under Control

From the office of Congressman Adam Kinzinger (11th District)… Washington, D.C. — A little over a month after his swearing-in to Congress, U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) today introduced the Spending Control Act, legislation that will force Congress to control federal spending. “I’m pleased to join my colleague, Senator Mark Kirk (IL), to introduce legislation... Read more »

VIDEO: Speeches Given at Illinois GOP Reagan Dinner Gingrich, Bolton, Kirk, Rutherford

-By Warner Todd Huston Last weekend I attended the Ronald Reagan 100th birthday dinner held by the Illinois Republican Party. I filmed all the speeches given and I am finally done making the video for these speeches. I did not get Ill. GOP Chairman Pat Brady’s address, but I did get the others. In order... Read more »

VIDEO: Short Interview With Illinois Senator Mark Kirk

-By Warner Todd Huston On February 5, 2011, I attended the Illinois GOP Ronald Reagan 100th Birthday Diner and there I had the opportunity to have a quick few minutes with Illinois Senator Mark Kirk. I asked him about some of the issues of the day, chiefly the Egypt question. I also spoke with a... Read more »

A Snap Shot of Congressional Arrogance

-By Warner Todd Huston POLITICO posted a piece last week that shows the arrogance of our duly elected Senators in Washington D.C. After reading this piece, one gets the impression that this good old boys club is not only one that not just anyone is allowed to join but one that finds itself beyond even... Read more »

Democrats Slip Bringing Terrorists to American Prisons into Defense Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston Senator Mark Kirk (R, IL) is raising a red flag over the defense bill because the Democrat led House of Representatives and Democrat led Senate has slipped in a provision that would allow accused terrorists to be housed in prisons in the interior of the United States. In an apparent effort... Read more »

(Video) Townhall Meeting With Mark Kirk and Randy Hultgren, Saint Charles, Illinois

-By Warner Todd Huston On Dec. 11, 2010, I attended a townhall meeting held in the 14th Congressional District featuring Congressman-elect Randy Hultgren and newly minted Senator Mark Kirk. The event was held in the theater of a local high school in Saint Charles, Illinois. The afternoon started out with an address by Senator Mark... Read more »

Rep. Randy Hultgren Townhall Meeting Sat. Dec. 11

From the office of Rep. Randy Hultgren (14th District)… These past few weeks have been focused on the economy and impending tax hikes that go into effect on January 1st. Please join Senator Mark Kirk and myself for a town hall meeting TOMORROW, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. at the Norris Dellora Cultural Arts... Read more »

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On Preventing Tax Hikes

In the Weekly Republican Address, newly-elected Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois says, “Last month, the American people sent a clear message to Washington: spend less, borrow less and tax less to put America back to work.” Sen. Kirk expresses his disappointment that leaders in Congress have not heeded this message. “The current leaders of Congress... Read more »

Why has Media Not Played up Republicans Taking Obama's Senate Seat?

-By Warner Todd Huston Wouldn’t you think it would be a big deal if a Republican president lost his senate seat to a Democrat only 2 short years after he was elected to the highest office in the land? I mean, don’t you think the media would think that a Republican president losing his own... Read more »

Senator Kirk Already on Track to Vote Against GOP Interests

-By Warner Todd Huston I said it during the primary, Mark Kirk is a 45 percenter. His record in the House pretty much shows that he will only vote with Republicans 45 percent of the time if left to his druthers. True to my worst fears, Kirk seems to be right on track with my... Read more »