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Rep. Gutierrez Threatens Not to Support Obama Re-election Over Immigration

-By Warner Todd Huston Chicago area Congressman Luis Gutierrez has been harping on the immigration issue for many years and since Obama was elected he has stepped up that activism. Gutierrez wants complete amnesty and an open border and he’s been unhappy with the Obama Administration for its lack of movement on the issue. Now... Read more »

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez endorses Gery Chico for mayor of Chicago

-By Warner Todd Huston Interesting news, here, of the newest endorsement for Chicago Mayor. Congressman Luis Gutierrez has officially endorsed Gery Chico for Mayor. This is a big “get” for Chico. I suppose it isn’t surprising that Gutierrez has turned against Emanuel. As we reported in Nov., there is no love lost between Rahm Emanuel... Read more »

New Dem Idea: Can't Win on Immigration? Then Stick Gay Issues in The Bill, Too!

-By Warner Todd Huston Chicago’s Representative Luis Gutierrez has been finding few takers for his pro-illegal immigrant policies of late. But he and several Democrat lawmakers think they’ve found a way to increase support for their pro-illegal alien bill: add gay issues to it. Once again it’s an Orwellian named bill, too. The pro-illegal alien... Read more »