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DC Libs Happy to Sign Petition Banning Conservative's Free Speech

-By Warner Todd Huston The left is always a bundle of contradictions. On one hand leftists set themselves up as the ultimate in “tolerance” and a guarantor of “freedom” to do as one wishes. Most leftists imagine themselves interested in making sure everyone is free to do as they wish to the point where that... Read more »

No Cancer in Hinkley, California: Activist Hollywood Wrong AGAIN!

-By Warner Todd Huston Proving once again that Hollywood always gravitates to the wrong causes, Tim Cavanaugh of reported on Dec. 14 that the California town made famous by Erin Brokovich — an activism that Hollywood embraced with a major motion picture starring Julia Roberts — has proven not to have lived up to... Read more »

U.N. Pushing Card Check on U.S.?

-By Warner Todd Huston The U.N. is at it again, trying to use its “power” to control the U.S.A. Naturally that control leans toward the extreme, anti-American, left-wing of the political spectrum. In a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, those that stand against America had a gripe session where supposed violations of human... Read more »

Video: Left-Wing Hater Tries to Choke a Conservative Rally Attendee

-By Warner Todd Huston On October 19 outside the venue where a candidate debate was about to be held between Arizona’s Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords and her Republican challenger Jesse Kelly, a, left-wing activist physically accosted a lone conservative that had the temerity to yell back and challenge the leftist’s outrageous claims. The violence... Read more »

Vice President Biden Wants to Strangle Opponents

-By Warner Todd Huston On the tail of the Enviro-Nazis making a film depicting children being murdered because they refused to agree to the globaloney religion — showing the left’s inability to brook opposition without resorting to violence or threats of same — Vice President Joe Biden has announced that he’d like to “strangle” any... Read more »

Al Sharpton's Followers Call Whites 'The Devil,' Al Says, 'Don't Worry About it'

-By Warner Todd Huston Al Sharpton is all about stopping the “hate,” isn’t he? At least that’s what he always claims. So how did he react when his own supporters started calling white people “the devil” when a BBC reporter was interviewing him several years ago? He said whites should “ignore it” and “don’t worry... Read more »

Anatomy of Leftist Unreason

-By Warner Todd Huston I found a reply on my ChicagoNow blog that is so emblematic of the essential anti-Americanness of the left in our country that I thought I’d explore it in a full post instead of just replying to it on the original page on which it appeared. The comment was oozed out... Read more »