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Would Chicago REALLY Vote for Commie Karen Lewis for Mayor!?

-By Warner Todd Huston A new poll of likely Chicago voters seems to find that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in bad shape for his re-election coming up next year. The poll shows that two other candidates are far and away more popular than the incumbent mayor. One of those two is Chicago Teachers Union President... Read more »

Teachers Union Prez Lewis With Heartland Institute's Behrend on Chicago's Fox

-By Warner Todd Huston Illinois state government is discussing ideas of education reform and it is assumed that a vote on a plan of one kind or another might occur in the state capitol in Springfield as early as January. Fox Chicago had Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and the Heartland Institute’s Bruno Behrend... Read more »

New Chicago Teachers Union Head is Same-Old-Same-Old

-By Warner Todd Huston New Chicago public teachers union chief Karen Lewis could have come into office as a visionary that would bring some sanity to teachers union bloated demands in this era of the worst economy since the Great Depression. She could have seen the good sense of lowering expectations. She could have taken... Read more »

Worst Teachers Rewarded by Unions, New Teachers Abandoned

-By Warner Todd Huston Last week the Chicago Tribune published an editorial detailing the biggest reason why unions as they have operated in the U.S. for decades are an illegitimate venture. The Trib published a plea to new Chicago teachers union chief Karen Lewis not to protect the bad teachers under her charge and to... Read more »