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Romney's Huge Money Advantage

-By Warner Todd Huston A few weeks ago, Herman Cain said that he wasn’t worried about facing Mitt Romney, but he was worried about facing Mitt’s money. Today, Politico reports that Romney has a huge advantage over the other Republican candidates with a campaign war chest they can’t duplicate. If his one-day fundraiser in May... Read more »

VIDEO: Herman Cain Raises Voice at Blogger, Holds His Ground

-By Warner Todd Huston Herman Cain appeared at last weekend’s RightOnLine conference (June 18) to two standing ovations. His rousing campaign speech apparently hit all the right notes with the conservative audience in attendance. But afterward, in the blogger access room, there were a few sour notes, in one case Cain even angrily yelled at... Read more »

Herman Cain: Obama's NLRB 'A Direct Assault on the Free Market System'

-By Warner Todd Huston Presidential candidate Herman Cain (R) recently spoke with FOX Business Network’s (FBN) Neil Cavuto about the dispute between the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Boeing and its impact on the United States economy. Cain said what the NLRB is trying to do keeping Boeing out of Charleston is “a direct... Read more »

Thoughts on the CNN Republican Debate

-By Warner Todd Huston Well the CNN debate of some of the GOP candidates for president is now in the history books and I thought I’d give my impression of those vying there. Before I do that, I have to comment on John King’s constant guttural vocal tick. It sounded like he had Tourette Syndrome... Read more »

Cain: 'We Have to Beat Romney's Money, Not Romney'

-By Warner Todd Huston Herman Cain has been known to say that he doesn’t need a campaign warchest with tens of millions of dollars in it to beat the Republican field for the GOP nomination for president. He says all he needs is a good message to win. However, this week Cain did acknowledge that... Read more »

2012 GOP Hopefuls: Herman Cain

-By Warner Todd Huston For most Americans the question isn’t whether or not Herman Cain would make a good president but is, rather, “who the heck is Herman Cain?” Well, let this serve as your introduction to the businessman, turned radio talk-show host, turned 2012 GOP hopeful. Cain has been a Tea Party mainstay since... Read more »

Publius Interview: Herman Cain... for President?

-By Warner Todd Huston Where ever Herman Cain goes he meets enthusiastic crowds. There is a reason for that: He is an incredibly dynamic man. He has a compelling life story and boy can he whip up a crowd! Every time I’ve seen him he has the folks on their feet in wild applause. And... Read more »