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Delta Airlines: Anti-Soldier, Anti-Jew, Anti-Christian, but Now Pro Racist Muslims

-By Warner Todd Huston I think Delta Airlines should change its name to Omega Airlines because at this point it is the last airline that I’ll ever fly. Not only did Delta try to charge our returning soldiers thousands of dollars to check their bags as they came back from the wars, now the airlines... Read more »

Wild Growth in Extremist, Anti-Government Groups in America... Or Is There?

-By Warner Todd Huston Without having any substantive proof of its claims, once again the Old Media takes the word of The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a group that says right-wing hate groups are on the rise in the United States of America. Worse that Old Media outlet, Agence France Presse, simply takes this... Read more »

All Those Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes in the U.S. Aren't Happening

-By Warner Todd Huston Apparently there is an awful lot of “anti-Muslim hate” going on in this post 9/11 America. At least that’s what the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) gravely tells us each and every day. Just look at all this anti-Islamic bigotry going on out there: In May, CAIR demanded that the GOP... Read more »

When a Civil Rights Group Hires All Whites... What do You Have?

-By Warner Todd Huston As we are sonorously and endlessly told, the Southern Poverty Law Center is all about exposing the “hate” and working for “civil rights” in America. But a new website, Watching the Watchdogs, has tracked down the salaries and identities of SPLC’s top officers and it is interesting to note that they... Read more »

Wash. Post Cries: White 'Hate' Groups Increasing! Says Who?

-By Warner Todd Huston It’s time once again for some more left-wing hand wringing over the supposed rise of “white militias” in the era of Obama. This time it is the blather of Metro Columnist Courtland Milloy claiming that white-based hate groups have increased substantially because we have a black president. Milloy also rails about... Read more »