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Obama Was Israiled: Killing bin Laden Was Not Foreign Policy Experience For Prez

-By Warner Todd Huston On Friday Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu schooled President Obama — who is clearly out of his depth — on Middle East diplomacy. This would not have been necessary if Obama had not tried to turn decades of American foreign policy on its ear, if he had not turned against our... Read more »

Hamas Poisons Peace Process

-By Rep. Eric Cantor and Rep. Peter Roskam As the news of Osama bin Laden’s death spread, the free world breathed a deep sigh of relief and praised the United States for its accomplishment. But in the Palestinian territories, such sentiments were not shared. In the eyes of Ismail Haniyeh and the infamous Hamas terrorist... Read more »

Vlog: News Analysis of 'We Con The World' Video Controversy

-By Warner Todd Huston This is my first vlog (that’s video blog for the uninitiated) using my new HD camera. I see I have to fix my lighting problem in the room I was using to record it in, but anyways… it was my first stab at it, so give me a break will ya?... Read more »

President Obama Finally Found His Deportee: A Palestinian Convert to Christianity

-By Warner Todd Huston After a desperate search of the country, President Barack Hussein Obama is ready to deport someone at long last. And that deportee is a dangerous, horrible man, indeed. His name is Mosab Hassan Yousef and he is a convert from Islam to Christianity who hails from Palestine. To show how dangerous... Read more »

Jihadis Killed in Clash With IDF Near Gaza

-By Warner Todd Huston I hate to interrupt our Memorial Day observations, but this news story is too immediate to ignore. The Old Media is already misreporting the bloody incident off the Gaza coast between a flotilla of Muslim “peace activists” and the Israeli Defense Force. They are, of course, making Israel out to be... Read more »