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'Taxpayer's Champion' Censured By Grayslake School Board

-By Warner Todd Huston Some residents of Northeast suburban Grayslake have called Michael Carbone the “taxpayer’s champion.” But the Grayslake School Board does not ascribe to such accolades. In fact, members of the board have censured Mr. Carbone for allegedly attempting to access a password-protected school district computer without permission. Carbone has described himself as... Read more »

Grayslake: Insider Deal Gets Plum Job for Retiring School Board Member

-By Warner Todd Huston It must be nice to be School Board Member Michael Linder of Grayslake, Illinois. He seems awfully lucky to have landed a plum new job, paid for by the taxpayers of Lake County. Awfully lucky, indeed. In fact, he’s so lucky that one suspects an insider deal was made to get... Read more »

Illinois School Uses 'Stimulus' $$ For Raises and Bonuses While Raising Property Taxes

-By Warner Todd Huston Arrogance is an ugly thing. But it seems that Grayslake School Board Superintendent Ellen Correll has it in spades. Not only did she and four other board members vote to increase its tax levy on the community, but she also announced that she used federal “stimulus” money to dole out raises... Read more »