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Clinton Blasts Obama's Foot Dragging on Oil Drilling Permits

-By Warner Todd Huston Interestingly at the end of last week during the IHS CERAWeek conference held in Houston, Texas, former President Bill Clinton said that Obama’s constant delays on issuing offshore oil drilling permits was “ridiculous.” With this one might be able to claim that Bill Clinton is a “drill, baby, drill” booster, just... Read more »

Fox News' Kirsten Powers Falsely Claims Bush Supported Earlier End-Of-Life Law

-By Warner Todd Huston On the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News this week, Democrat Kirsten Powers offered some misinformed political analysis. Naturally, her analysis heavily favored the Obama administration’s goals. On the Dec. 27 show Powers insisted that inflamed talk about Obama’s “death panels” was nothing but a cynical spin meant to attack Obama... Read more »