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Can Tea Party Conservatives Support Mitt Romney?

-By Warner Todd Huston The Daily Caller has an interesting interview with the chief of what is reputed to be the leading Tea Party organization in America, FreedomWorks. Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks, said that Tea Party conservatives are having a major problem supporting Mitt Romney, not just in the primaries but also if... Read more »

VIDEO: Freedomworks FreedomConnector, Join The Fight

Visit FreedomConnector and find ways you can get involved in your area.

Union Thug Attacks a Young Woman Outside Freedomworks HQ, Wash. D.C.

-By Warner Todd Huston Another union thug reveals the hate and violence in his heart… This incident occurred outside of the Washington D.C. headquarters of the conservative activist group Freedomworks (spokesman former Representative Dick Armey) on February 23, 2011. This particular thug was wearing the (fittingly) red T-Shirt shirt of the Communications Workers of America... Read more »